Year in Review 2013: Signs from a Mermaid

This is the last post, I promise.

I  want to post Muromi-san’s opening, because it’s that special.

Thanks, Yuyucow. Anyway, the OP sequence itself is so full of this short anime’s essence, it’s basically an episode all on its own. I don’t think any other anime in 2013 was twice itself in the same duration as any given episode. It’s also so cool *_* with the gang signs, the evolutionary creationism, the rocking Sumipe number, the meteor, the mermaid-in-space pan, the way their chests wiggle back and forth in the water, the yeti, the paper buttons, basically this.

It is also much like 2013 for me–frantic, lots of fun, and it’s over way too quickly. In it, it’s a whole year’s worth of crap, but it felt like a buck-thirty long. I visited friends all over the place, went to some lives in JP, hit up the usual haunts, hung out with more local Ps. Ate good stuff. Can’t really complaint about any of this, but it did gave me less time to be contemplative and write more.

Hoping 2014 will be better in those ways!

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