Year in Review 2015: Introduction

Thanks, Nekopuchi

The full-blown oversea eventer life marches on. I was able to accomplish one goal this year that I set out last year: Go to fewer anime cons. I missed AX, which sounded like a blast but the grass is always greener, as they say, on the other side of the fence. I feel I was able to get my spending in better order this year, but it’s at a cost. I also traveled to Japan more times this year than ever, at a cost.

Eventing-wise, the highlight this year has to be my July trip that ran through IM@S 10th along with WUG 2nd Osaka. Notching stuff off the bucket list in the Spring was also big. I had a blast more this year doing stuff the “HPT” way too, just generally speaking.

On the anime otaku side, not much has changed besides that having fewer hours in a day/week/month/year for anime, I watched fewer shows. Things like Gatchaman Crowds S2, the rebooted Yatterman, Gangsta., Sidonia S2… I don’t know. I was still able to wrap up Shoukugeki no Soma and keep up on Ace of the Diamond, so it was not for lack of trying or maybe even lack of time…? Anyway, 2015 was a fun year if you watched a lot of anime, because there were a good variety of shows that were pretty well done.

On the negative side, I guess my writing has taken a hit, both here and Jtor. I wish I could have better discipline doing chores and the like, be more efficient, so I have the time. But it all takes a lot of energy and work already takes a lot out of me drive-wise. In fact I think having the drive is more important than anything. If I wanted direly to get something done, I will get it done…

What else is there? Eventing is expensive and I have to cut back next year, and it was fun meeting all the old and new friends and faces, hanging out and what not.

Year-in-review 2015:

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