Magical Pokan Fun of You And Me

Magical Pokan 1

I generally deplore fanservice. Only when it is done with a real reason and done smart, and tasteful enough will it be acceptable. I also don’t really like lolicon anime.

Magical Pokan has a lot of both. It has a really smart sense of style to it, and while my first reaction was “Why, this is totally what Disgaea anime should look like!” I realized this one scored home somewhere somehow. Indeed the humor and visual flourish are like that from the smash hit N1 game, but well, it’s not the game!

I am blogging about this show with a lot of things I don’t like because it’s a well-done show. I don’t think I’ll follow it until the gaggles on the bandwagon giggled enough to make me sufficiently curious. Well, if you dig either, then this is for you. The fanservice is fairly light and cute; it isn’t particularly gratuitous either. If anything, it’s smart fanservice.

Which is why I made it through the episode at all. And twice at that. I think I was amusing myself more when I was watching it detached, in the raw, while doing something else. Seemed more random that way. It’s really one gem underrated gem out of the slew of comedy this season. I think I have to thank God for making better shows to keep me away from this one as I’d get stuck with it if nothing else is good to watch in parallel…

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