The Thousand Shades of 水銀燈

“Did you miss me while you were out looking for yourself?”

PEACHPIT has a Suigintou, Suigintou

She largely ignored me–stealing just a quick look, darting her eyes back towards where she is going. Ah yes, people rarely do well with my wry attempts at humor.


She remains unphased.

“Junky junk junk junk junk junk–.”

And this is why I don’t write fanfiction.

I suppose lately I’ve been in this odd mood where I want to tease every tsundere-like personality around. Thankfully I’m rarely alone on this, and others are just better and faster to the punch usually.

Does that sound like the premise of Tsuyokiss to you? The magic of the tsun-tsun-dere-dere? I think women generally has been described as people with many faces. It’s not that they are internally inconsistent, but rather they have several behavioral modes, moods, and emotional states even when they seem to be rather normal. It’s like the open sea, right?

I have no idea. Nor is it all that important if it is true or not. A cursory glance will reveal what is attractive to tsunderekko–the changing in between. I call this being a valiant.

Yes. The world longs for valiant women. In fact, I state this plainly for both fanboys and normal, everyday men. How do I get this “tsundere” thing to honorable and courageous? I think it makes sense once you start to think about it, but maybe we can go through an example.

Sugintou, for instance, is a valiant girl. She has very clear motivations as a person, as a personality, and as a force of plot. Like the rest of the Rozen Maidens she wanted something. Shinku may have taken the elegant road by wanting what she’s got and not getting what she wants, and making due with what has been given to her. As we know, there’s this “junk” character flaw which plagued Suigintou’s body and her mind, as a result forcing her to not only participate in the Alice Game, but she can’t be bothered to cope with someone like Shinku.

What’s the honorable thing to do? To run the course of her creator’s objective means living like the broken doll that she was, and to lose and perish? She faces the music and dance, if she should play the villain, she would. Destiny is both a companion and a slave master. To live as such is to have the courage of something more, something beautiful. Same could be said of the several other Maidens. That’s not to mention the greater feat of strength she managed in the second season.

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