HDTV: High-Deshou Television

I’m sure all the people who care already knows, but just in case DJ Bouche has a really nice selection of remixes and midi related to Suzumiya Haruhi no Uutsu. Download and all that. And it is good–the tech spins the familiar hits under a new light.

Momotato should take note how it doesn't take up the whole screen.

Just like having those 720p encoded raws for the show, on a Sony KDS-60A2000, can spin up a new flavor for an old anime. I guess this blog entry could also serve as a mini-review if you’re looking to buy a nice microdisplay. It really looks nice.

Nice might even be an awfully inadequate understatement. I’m not entirely sure if the High-Definition broadcast of Suzumiya Haruhi was in 1080i or not, but that must have been jaw-dropping if you were watching it on a nice HD display. Hare Hare Yukai on this set was like that for me, even if people complain how the VGA port only allows 768 vertical resolution max, giving me a nice, but “not as big as it could be” replay. I still dropped jaws.

The picture up there is from my phone, and it doesn’t do anything justice, let alone a HD display in a relatively dark room, so never let the picture influence you in terms of what I am saying (always, in fact). Considering that I have already watched the first episode (well, episode 2) 5 times before today, going through it twice more on this set still leaves me hungry for the rest. I suppose that shows how much I enjoy this episode, but I’d like to think it’s because you really enjoy it differently watching it on a big TV, Hi-Def, than watching it on your monitor (well, also Hi-Def I suppose).

And … yeah. Why am I talking about it when I still have 13 episodes left to go? I could be watching it right now! Chronology for a second rewatch is what the Kyoani doctors have called for, so be it.

[And oh, if you are actually curious, these are not resized; but they come from my dinky camera anyways. And also they will probably be around only for a short while.]

10 Responses to “HDTV: High-Deshou Television”

  • kacpy

    Well… in my eyes… Suzumiya Haruhi 1280×720 raws sucked donkey penis. They looked clearly like an upscale with all the edge smudges and lack of any kind of sharpness.

  • omo

    It’s not the best HD programming I’ve seen, but it looks distinctively HD compared to all my 480 material. Talk about “upscale with all the edge smudges” though, have you seen those Black Lagoon HD raws floating around…? So terrible >_<

  • kacpy

    Yes, I have, but other bad raws won’t make me say zOMG Haruhi SD

  • kacpy

    *Damn it cut my comment after one line*

    Yes, I have, but other bad raws won’t make me say ‘zOMG Haruhi SD = love’. :)

    Nothing in the Suzumiya raws would suggest it aired in HD. Neither do I noticed an HV logo in any encode or in TV station schedules. “Binbou (…)” which DOES AIR in HD looks helluva better even if it still doesn’t look like it was produced to look great in that rez (IMHO). But even then, it just doesn’t share any of the problems Suzumiya raws have.

    Do you assume EVERY single 1280×720+ raw is HD? Really, don’t act like Jason (I think – AomM webmaster) – does he really think Zero no Tsukaima is HD? (to name the newest show he has with ‘HD’ caps)

  • kacpy

    Correction: *did I notice* Sorry for the spam. I should re-read before I post. ;x

  • omo

    Nothing I read about Haruhi\’s broadcast said HD, so I would presume it wasn\’t either. I think you have to say that EVERY single 1280×720+ raw is HD because that\’s what HD means. How nice it looks is totally a different question. And frankly, it is very subjective. I saw the Poor Sisters HD raw too, and I thought that wasn\’t any better looking than Haruhi, even with the added details at parts and less artifacts and blurring.

  • kacpy

    If it does AIR in that video rez then yea, I won’t object it being called HD material, but if it’s an upscale on the ENCODER’s part then hell no. :)

    More detail, less artifacts and blurring does make a big difference, unless you really don’t care about video quality *recalls his chevalier encodes post*. ;)

  • omo

    Upscaling is an art, too. Some upscaled anime are really a lot better looking than the source at a lower rez. But right, more detail, less artifacts and blurring are good…….when your details are worth showing. I’d say for 4 out of 5 anime out there, this is just not the case.

  • kacpy

    Ah… “when it’s worth showing”. I am an audio/video quality whore, and that response doesn’t work for me. I do want quality all the time. :)

    Enjoy fakeHD. ;)

  • omo

    I understand that, and it is subjective. They did invent blurring filters and rendering for a reason, after all.

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