Hottest. Otakon. Ever.

Danbooru On The Go

If you think she’s hot, guess again.

Times like this I almost envy those skimpy FFX-II or DOAXBV cosplayers!

[updated +7 hours]

Otakon is a ritual for me. In some ways I’ve come to term with it in that my motivation to go to Otakon annually (9th one this year) is partially on momentum. But on the other hand it is a convention where I do meet up with a giant horde of people that I know, and it is very much so a social gathering. In that the washed-out old school con goer crowd would mostly admit that’s what cons boil down to for con goers, it’s still somewhat a different venture for fans.

And it isn’t for every fan, either. It is like watching Utena–some enjoy it for the lesbianism, others for its surrealness, yet some other do it for direction, style, and music. Even more do it for the drama and character expositions. Some even do it for the funnies. Such is trying to run a con with 20000+ attendees, pleasing all is simply not possible.

In as much as I can talk about Otakon like that, it shows just how jaded I have become… Yet I think I can be pretty happy about the whole adventure? That’s what a good concert will do for me, so see you fangirls 8:30am sharp tomorrow!

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