Succulent Simoun

Aeru, Aaeru, Aelle, Achoo, Aru?

Episode 21 leaves me breathless. This year is shaping up to be one of the most exhilarating year in anime for me! Three episodes floored me so far. Can’t wait how many more left just out of the 5 episodes of Simoun alone, not to even mention what’s down the pipe for the next 4 months.

Granted I think my extreme reaction is enhanced by my late buzzing streak on this topic, pent-up stress from school, and the fact that episode 21…has a bunch of things that pushed my button THE RIGHT WAY. Sigh. Only if it wasn’t so spoilerific, I’d just cream it all out there. Maybe I’ll see you (or you see me) at one of these people’s blogs instead?

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