Your Life as a Sports Manga

This is sort of off-topic, but as with all things building up to a climax, it gets exciting.

Violence and Sex - the Essence of Batting Sports

A bunch of guys I know and regularly run into are playing in a softball tournament. They made into the playoffs (out of 20 some odd teams?) and they have a big game today, which may or may not be rained out (it is suppose to start in half an hour).

Honestly, I don’t really care that much about it. I am interested at all only because I know these guys. But hearing their story it’s exactly the sort of thing that lines up a good, classic shounen (or shoujo, even) baseball manga story. Complete with a prayer-miracle last-half-inning home runs, dramatic relationships between families and lovers (many of them are married), parents and children, friends and rivals, what have you.

The only thing we’re missing is spring training in rural China, swinging under a waterfall in Spain, or seeking legendary pitching techniques in the savanna plains of Mozambique. And even I say this jokingly, some of them might end up at those places doing something softball-related.

And even the rain-out big game.

If I had a pickup truck, I’d be tailgating.

Sometime, when I see some funny Phoneix Wright parody of trial lawyering, I get the same feeling. When drama is bigger than real life, it’s fun to read about it or watch it on TV or even play a game. Learning how to bring that passion into the actual practice, however, is nigh difficult if even possible.

Ah well, I suppose it’s not a matter of being able to enjoy two very different things the same way, but rather as they are? It certainly makes a real-life miracle at-bat all that more miraculous.

Speaking of manga, though–Brocoli Books is looking for bloggers to review their crap. Let them know if you’re interested.

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