A Musical: A Tribute to Floe

[Light spoilers up to episode 25, maybe 26. Below is written in a play script form.]

A Stage Production...

[Setting: The deck of Arcus Prima, under the canopy. The flying fortress lies in disrepair, abandoned.]

[The view changes to the aging music machine, winding down and playing a melody]

[Back on deck, Limone and Lodoremon sit side by side, on a park bench. Quietly the two survey what little natural beauty entangled with the signs of nature claiming the temple garden as her own.]

Limone: So is this it?

Lodoremon: It seems that is it! How is life with Dominura?

Limone: Oh, it’s… interesting. But enough about me! How are you?

Lodoremon: Oh, haha, you know how it is. I barely get by these days. So swamped with work, especially given what’s going on with Argetum and Plumbum. It’s rather nice, a change of pace, to sit here and chat and watch them go at it.

Limone: I think it’s embarrassing.

Floe [off the screen]: No it’s not!

[The view suddenly cuts to Paraietta, on a stage, spotlight and curtain and all. Paraietta struck a pose and sings:]

Paraietta: You are everything that is bright and clean / The antonym of me / You are divinity.

[Cut to flashback of prayer to the Plumbum priestesses; the rape; then the prayer scene between Paraietta and Neviril]

[Cut suddenly back to the same stage, spotlight on Lodoremon, likewise, singing]

Lodoremon: But a certain sign of grace is this / From the broken earth flowers come up / Pushing through the dirt!

[Cut to flashback of Mamiina, then cutting her hair, then lying in the flowery field]

[Cut to Yun on stage, spotlight, alone, doing the same]

Yun: You are everything that is bright and clean / And You’re covering me with Your majesty

[Cut to flashback of Onashia, then Yun making a nest, then Yun hugging Onashia]

[Cut to Morinas, on stage, spotlight, the same]

Morinas: And the truest sign of grace was this / From wounded hands redemption fell down / Liberating man!

[Cut to flashback; Waporif waving; Morinas’s boob moment in ep15; Wapourif’s final scene in ep26]

[Cut to stage; spotlights on Alti and Kaimu, hand in hand, singing]

Alti & Kaimu: But the harder I try the more clearly can I feel / The depth of our fall and the weight of it all

[Cut to flashback: rape; shower; A&K’s childhood scene]

[Cut to stage; spotlight on Neviril, singing]

Neviril: And so this might could be the most impossible thing / Your grandness in me making me clean!

[Cut to flashback: The exploded cockpit; the scene where Neviril consoles Aeru in ep21; the jail scene with Neviril]

[Cut to stage; hands joined, left to right, Paraietta, Kaimu, Alti, Morinas, Lodoremon, Yun, and Neviril. In chorus:]

Group: Glory, hallelujah / Glory, glory, hallelujah

[Suddenly, loud cracks breaks through the ceiling. The view pans up and revealing a mostly naked Aeru suspended on wire-fu string-works, descending onto the stage. She sings while floating down:]

Aeru: So here I am, all of me / Finally everything / I am wholly yours.


[The view switches over half way through Floe’s scream of “CUT” to a older, masculine Floe. He yields a conic tube and slams it on the “director’s chair” a couple times.]

[Aeru’s descent halts suddenly]

Aeru: Ouch! Hey, what’s wrong this time, now?

[Aeru ascends again; cut to Floe, contemplative]

Floe: It’s… just the timing. [Floe turns to his right, view pans over to Anubituf, looking cool as per ep26, plus shades] What do you think?

Anubituf: Need more kissing.

[A dishpan lands on his head, and bounces harmlessly off]

Floe: [bounces her fist off her palm] I know! Synchronized swimming! I even know a great place to do it!

[Cut to the group on stage]

Group: No.

Aeru [off screen]: Nooo!

[You see something white falls quickly across the vision, with a clash as Aeru lands in the orchestra pit]

Guragief [off screen]: Sorry! Wrong lever!

[Cuts to Floe; dishpan lands. He sidesteps and dodges.]

Floe: Eh-heh?

[Cut to somewhere else, far away, in a lightly forested area, a gazebo. We see Dominura sitting under the gazebo, sipping tea. Across the tea table sits an older woman with red eyes and long brown hair.]

Dominura: So. How do you deal with this skin condition?

[The End]

4 Responses to “A Musical: A Tribute to Floe”

  • Muey

    No more Nerima Daikon Brothers for you.

    With that being said, I’d pay to see this animated :p.

  • dm

    The significance of the “synchronized swimming” line only just hit me.

    I’m intrigued by the “more Christian symbolism than your average Eva fanfic” element, and how appropriate it seems.

  • omo

    Complete with the Christ-like figure(s)! Only with death makes a good resurrection. But it is only truly appropriate because there is the spiritual context directly a part of the show, at any rate. I wouldn’t go as far as I would in an Eva fanfic, because even if the religious elements are there, it is a spiritual vacuum. With Simoun, there’s substance.

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