The Theme of Memories is the Theme of Me

I’m not sure how many people out there recall the first few fansub renditions of episode 18 of Nadesico, but I thought that was always a touching way to translate something to get across the spirit of the language behind the title.

I’m not sure how many people out there enjoyed Kanon, either through the game, the fan stuff (radio shows and what not), or the Toei anime. I thought the new Kanon TV show is a self-fulfilling experience to re-experience your first time through Kanon, if you’re one of those people.

I’m not sure how many people out there even watched Simoun. I thought that was the saddest part about the whole thing. Who is going to stand vigil and remember the Chor Tempest?

The theme of memory is one that has real value the older you get. It doesn’t have to be mixed with regret, but it can. It certainly can be filled with “what ifs” and “now I get why.” Kanon is the story about a boy who grew up and couldn’t remember. It’s not a tropical, swashbuckling Peter Pan, but a downtempo, warm embrace. Because of that, re-watching Kanon is an enthralling experience. It’s not quite just going through the motions, but also going through your emotions when you remember your first trip with Yuuichi. It encourages you to remember. Could I remember Nayuki’s name if she asked?

What’s even more beautiful about this upcoming circumstance is that no longer we find our dusty, old remembrances dated with age. With even a critical eye we can re-examine Kanon through its new body. Thanks Kyoani! It’s really having the best of both worlds.

Memory is a favorite theme for many great pieces of anime. Hopefully I’ll be able to tell you just how that plays with Paprika tomorrow. I suppose that’s why I’m somewhat soft versus Charlie Kaufman’s films? Not to mention Satoshi Kon, but even Mamoru Oshii’s rendition in Jin-Roh and the two Ghost in the Shell films touch on this.

2 Responses to “The Theme of Memories is the Theme of Me”

  • Tess

    I will never forget the Chor Tempest! It would be kind of impossible for me too, I’ve just fallen in love with Simoun. Especially, Mamiina…

    It is weird to experiance Kanon in a different way these few years later. But, I already can’t wait till episode 2.

  • nae

    > Who is going to stand vigil and remember the Chor Tempest?

    And isn’t that the central question. :)

    We go around and around trying to create snapshots, monuments of ourselves. Taking photographs, making records, trying to grasp eternity. It’s a depressing thought, but one that can also be enlivening when thought of in a certain light– the attempts create joy, art, energy. At the same time, I suppose we never can forget the melancholy that lies at the heart of this feeling of nostalgia.

    The scene I finally remember is that of the music going away. Ouch.

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