Lament – Motto Motto

Life got in the way, so I’m to apologize for missing out on the Animesuki karaoke shoutcast even in its entirety (it’s like 7 hours long). What’s equally worse is that I didn’t get to submit a song as various real-life things got in the way of that, too. I really should post “we demand re-airing!” or some nonsense.

But at least I can return Jal a favor by doing a request from someone else. (Did that make sense?) You hear that? I managed to record something a few days ago, but it didn’t come out well so I didn’t mix it (it sort of desynch’ed). Alas, it also means I didn’t get a chance to do so until right now, really. And even then I didn’t arse around with the entire clip. Enjoy the terror.

6 Responses to “Lament – Motto Motto”

  • Jeff Lawson

    Link for the MP3 doesn’t work, it seems.

  • omo

    Fixed. It seems my spelling is poor with 5hr of sleep.

  • Ten

    Did Jeff entered the contest too?? Hee. I love it when there’s pimpage over karaoke-ing. I entered myself. I can’t help it. I have no shame.

    Darn, I missed the entire broadcast. I’m miffed. But it was either that or calling in to work. And I don’t think my boss would understand.

  • Ten

    Hm. Maybe we can coerce Hung to set-up a Karaoke-thon. At least, we know there will be at least 3 people who’ll participate.

  • Jeff Lawson

    We can fly? WE CAN FLY!!!

    Alas, I didn’t enter the contest… been crazy busy lately, and it’s so cold and dry out here that my voice is in less than stellar shape. Anyway, I’ll probably be heading to L.A. next week for a couple of months; I’ll be staying with my music industry friends, so perhaps I’ll take advantage of their home studio (and the humid air) and record some stuff.

  • Ten

    Then you get to have awesome hook-ups for mixing and recording!! My idea for a recording and mixing entails a cheap mic and audacity.

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