Back in 2006

I think I’m still not completely over with Simoun.


It’s just odd; so I have a copy of the second soundtrack to Simoun on my portable mp3 player, and I spend about 80 minutes listening to music on my commute daily. Normally I listen to a bunch of random anime pop songs mixed with other random songs, but yesterday I switched over to the Simoun stuff for some unexplainable reason. This was on my way in the morning.

Later that day I was at lunch with a colleague who I’ve known for some time, but mostly casually. I know he watched anime but isn’t much of a hardcore guy like many others who may be reading this blog. Conversation invariably turn towards anime, and he was lamenting on Busou Renkin, and so was I–I guess both of us was expecting more out of it than what it is. On our way out of the eatery suddenly he mentions Simoun. I was like ZOMG ANOTHER PERSON WHO WATCHES IT. What’s amusing is that he said the same things everyone who’s seen it in entirety has said: it’s fresh, original, unexpected; good art and music; pandering is a draw but something more lurks behind. Mamiina is a good girl. The soundtrack is really good.

In the greater scheme of things, I believe, looking back at 2006 is going to puff my expectation unrealistically for the current year. While I can’t say that 2007 has been “bad” already, 2006 was really a very, very good year for anime. Japan has to do better than Negima!? and Manabi Straight to match, and those two shows are already top notch.

OTOH, it’s also a matter of “when you’ve seen these shows” as all the great 2006 shows will be making their way to the English-language fan-sphere this year. Mushishi? Tsubasa? Paprika is coming out in 35mm. Plus Suzumiya Haruhi and Black Lagoon. My.

I can’t wait.

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  • al

    “Mamiina is a good girl” — such a sweet thing to say.

    I really stopped by to remark on the totally random and hilarious Mikan picture, though (is her name Mika or Mikan, anyway?). Below the funny metaphor of having a relationship with Simoun, I’m just grinning stupidly at both.

  • mthchan

    haha ya! simoun is really great~ i’m only on ep 13 though. waiting for subs to finish 24~26 ^^ maybe then we can talk more about it! =D

  • omo

    Her given name is Mika, and Mikan is her nickname. For that matter, the rest of them are: Mucchi (for Mutsuki), Manabi (for Manami), Mikan (for Mika), and Taka-chan (for Takako). Mei is…just Mei.

  • blurry

    “Simoun… very strange weird girl-girl relational triangle, tied with equally impressive mishaps when the balance breaks. Pass.” OMG!! can you believe what you said before?!
    =P jkjk
    i just finished watching Simoun, so~ it’s still resonating on the back of my head @_@ i even made a webby >_> though its still incomplete, feel free to check it out =D

  • omo

    dainty lil thing you got there. thanks for the reminder.

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