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I guess I should be upfront about it, so here it is: last night I joined Rah-Rah and Wildarmsheero (I’ll term him W for short) in a chat, recorded for your pleasure. I think it’s pretty fun, even if a little too fun for my taste. I listened to it too afterwards, and I think two out of every five words I said was inaudible. Maybe it’s better that way?

But we can go on and on and on about Manabi Straight. I think at this point there’s just so much that you can say, only words alone is economical enough to capture it. I know W’s been doing this comic with his friends for a while, and I know it’s a bit of a blog kind of thing, except it’s done through pictures. (Hint hint for him.)

I think the webcomic-blog format is pretty powerful, because not only images can say a lot more better, but the typical webcomic format elevates blogging into a whole new dimension. You basically invent a new world, and your mouthpieces–the characters–can do stuff that otherwise is not possible or difficult to express with words in a short span of time. Yea, people’s attention span is getting shorter every year, so I believe there’s a lot of promise there as a format for even everyday blogging. Indeed a lot of webcomics are like blogs already.

Still I think in the hands of an artisan, words are just as powerful. Nobody-hacks like myself resorts to memes to get the same across…. Which is why I said MASSUGU GO!

Plus it’s fun to say it. Only if catchy clapping music queues itself automatically when those surrounding you suddenly have no clue what’s going on and cannot find a retort…

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  • Os

    I’ll get to listening to it soon. Wildarms got me the moment it was out but I gotta find time to get to it. It seems I’ll have to force some time… oh as for the inaudible thing, it’s all Wildarms’ fault. He was probably backing up all his files at the time.

  • wildarmsheero

    “I listened to it too afterwards, and I think two out of every five words I said was inaudible. Maybe it’s better that way?”

    Ufufufu, not to worry, Omo, as I am in the process of uploading a new *remastered* version in which you can hear *everything* as it was meant to be heard! Turns out when I ran the recording through the ol’ audio cleaning program the setting I used was too harsh. I ran in through again a nicer setting and there should be less fadeouts. I tested it by listening to some troubled parts from the original and they come through quietly, but they are not completely gone.

    But yeah, thanks for appearing. You really delivered the kind of stuff I was looking for. Perhaps you wouldn’t mind coming on again? (wink wink nudge nudge saynomore saynomore) I’m planning on doing a show about anime studios, maybe. Would you be interested in that?

    Also, I never noticed it until you said, but my webcomic is very blog-like. I should approach making comics like that when I’m trying to come up with ideas.

    Massugu go!

  • TheBigN

    Oh god… MASSUGU GO! right at the beginning. >

  • TheBigN

    Hrm… Strange. It apparently cut off my comment. But I was saying that it’s good to see you interact in a format other than the blogosphere/forums. :3

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