Enemy of Women

Hei is awesome. Bastardly so.


Finishing the pilot episodes of Darker than Black was hard only because I had to wait a week, and the first episode didn’t leave a lot to my mind to chew on except to anticipate. Thankfully the second half delivered without any problems.

But why am I getting Jigoku Shoujo vibes? I can see that episode 3, from previews, is likely to be a bit of repeat, in a “girl of the day” sort of way where Hei runs in with his Chinese charms and gets away with his mission on the graces of his target/client. If BONES can deliver up these girls of the same or higher caliber regularly… well, I’m not complaining.

The problem is dealing with those Jigoku Shoujo vibes. There’s a perpetual mystery the show revolves around, and it’s not likely going to tackle them throughout the course as an ongoing matter, but revelation will come in pieces. At least, I’m guessing. Hei’s teammates and the other persistent characters only makes the Jigoku Shoujo thing worse (What’s up with the stoic girl sitting in a river?), along with the subterfuge crap that’s going on.

It’s not a good vibe, but I trust Okamura to deliver.

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