Arrgh There’s an Alien In My Eye!

Wait, that’s no alien. It’s a bad pun!

You know, “Heroic” “Age.” Heh. Heh.

More seriously, The Heroic Age is actually fairly interesting if you look past the simple ongoing plot and stare into its setting. It’s not unusual for a grand, science-fictional space faring race to examine the purpose and meaning of the existence of the race from the perspective of the entire society. To me it seems foreign coming from an American, individualist school of thought, but on the flip side it is very at home with a Chinese/Japanese nationalist-zergling mentality. The 12 labors that governs the coalition of humankind feels like it will bring about some sort of silly caste system that dictates the social order of society of the Iron Tribe. The Golden Tribe certainly helped quite a bit by making it clear as to who’s suppose to do what. Maybe in the grand scheme of things the Silver Tribe is the truly oppressed race here? Well, of course not, since they brutally blew up planets and what not, AMIRITE? Sigh.

And what’s up with the OP? I get this very odd feeling that seeing those pretty and mysterious spirals warping into normal space in the very beginning of the OP is like, a scene from the end or the climax of the series, with Age looking off into space. Maybe those are his daddies? Or maybe I’m just thinking too much?

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