I miss Kotono Mitsuishi.

Kotono Mitsuishi is the best!

She hasn’t been doing a lot of voices lately. I realized this when I took attention on Yukana… Admittedly Yukana is a wonderful actress as well, but so few in the industry scratches my itch as well as Captain Ramius (or any of her other role) does.

It seems unnecessary to go into Mitsuishi’s extensive voice acting history. Well, it really is extensive and it feels better lived than read–watch the shows she was in rather than read about them. Hopefully if you’ve been following anime for a while you’ll had the opportunity to run into some of her more serious roles…Evangelion, Paranoia Agent, Noir, or Utena, for start.

And her crazy-insane roles that she’s probably more notoriously famous for. Mink, Excel and Ebichu to start. I like Celsia as well…

But yea, not a lot of shows lately. She is getting older (turning 40) and has a family and all. What can you do? What can I do? Sigh.

Go go Yukana!

4 Responses to “Missing”

  • Ronin

    Looks like they’re catching up to that age (same as Megumi Hayashibara. god I missed her seiyuu skills) where your voice gets older and it’s getting harder to voice so young anymore. :P

  • moyism

    Well Mitsuishi is luckily still doing roles, but at best secondary character ones. Just recently, she voiced Chiaki’s mother in Nodame and Rin’s mother in Nagasarete Airantou. At least, I’m 99% positive she did if my hearing isn’t lying to me ^^;;

    But yea, I do miss some of the older seiyuus from the 90s that made anime so great to watch and listen to as well.

  • omo

    Yea, she’s been doing a lot of minor roles (haven’t got far enough in Nodame to see Chiaki’s mom…?). NEED MOAR.

  • nae

    I miss Mitsuishi Kotono too.

    Airantou? Rin’s mother? Now that I need to hear for myself. Even though I detest the show…. Oh dear.

    She had like four lines in Nodame. I swooned anyway. Evil, evil, evil directors should give her more lines. *grumbles* (But I suppose narration work’s good to live on with her voice.)

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