Simoun Fans: AX 2007’s Got Your OP and ED

...Straight from her homepage

It’s not new news, but Chiaki Ishikawa and Savage Genius are both having appearences at AX. Probably together.

Together with the Hare Hare Yukai team and Momoi, that’s like… 1/5 of Animelo or something. Maybe that skinny thing will make up the other 4/5…or something.

As much as AX is criticized as more an industry affair and not as fan-pandering compared to other cons, I think that’s only true if you do fandom differently than I do fandom. For crying out loud, this year’s AX has finally surpassed my threshold of “lol I don’t really care” with their high-power, high-profile guest list…and their damned musical performances. I’m just glad no one on my “must see” list has made it there, since I just don’t have the time and money for this business.

Anyways, Ishikawa is the neglected half of See-Saw, but I think she brings a lot to the table and makes good complement to Kajiura’s sounds. I like her solo works a lot too. Splooge on her website here. Too bad “uninstall” is still a corny word.

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