Eminent Apathy All Around

This CD kicks so much ass!

Otakon announces AAA – a teen pop/r&b group that actually kicks a lot of ass for the type of pop entertainment. They’re the headliner musical guest for the con this year.

Too bad nobody cares about them except a tiny group of neophyte weeaboo chasers and the teenage nation of Japan. Hopefully we get a lot of the former and latter (esp. girls) to … make up the people who will be at Otakon and don’t really give up their attention and time to attend their show. This group can dance, and they should put on a good show…

Well. that’s the pan part of the rant. But as much as I’m overwhelmed by apathy I want to just point out a few things. First of all, they’re still a pretty cool group. Even if the group is more marketing than substance, we’re in for a nice show if there’s enough of us who show up! I plan to go see them. Second, we should be nice to our guests. I know con time is somewhat precious, but hopefully we can get some quality entertainment without all the fanfare and long lines (lol I’m jinxing myself).

Then there is Eminence. I guess Otakon took a tip from last year’s coinciding gamer concert? Nonetheless I’m a little more than interested about them. Granted I never really caught on the orchestra-making-the-geek-buck wave of stuff the past few years, but hey, I played FF7 and a handful of fan games that other people like music from….. Well, definitely worth seeing if just for Free Bird.

And while I like his works, I’m not fan enough to own any of Hiroshi Sakimoto‘s CDs. Shame on me. But that’s one less line to worry about. He’ll be performing with Eminence, though, and that should rock the house in its own way.

(Heh, yea, it doesn’t hold a candle to AX’s guest list this year, but oh well.)

2 Responses to “Eminent Apathy All Around”

  • blueZhift

    Well I for one plan to see AAA and Eminence because the musical guests have become one of my primary reasons for going to cons these days anyway. I’m really looking forward to Eminence though since music is a big part of my enjoyment of games too. Forgive me, if you’re hardcore, but I can even forgive a bad game if it has really good music!

  • omo

    It is the same for me for anime, so I understand you perfectly :)

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