Darker than Death – Soooo Predictable!

Mao: a contractor?!

Okay, this has got to stop:

Just how many hawt guest stars live through their guest appearance from Darker than Black? Two? Just Two? We have Witch Hunter Robin (spoilers lol) and … the smell girl (lol spoiler)? Well, with exception of the persistent guest stars like April and Amber (…and Kiko) I guess? That’s two out of 8 (not counting the little-kid-who-likes-Amber arc and the doll traffic arc). I wish I had that good of an odd at guessing which Simoun “trap” would spring :(

Dying is so predictable (OK, 75% is not that high of a chance, but there’s some certainty) and ugh not as full of impact anymore for Darker than Black. I thought episodes 19 and 20 were wonderful as far as Huang’s story can be, and to be honest it’s surprisingly good for a major character that gets so little development over the course of the series. Plus he’s just not a likable character unlike Yin and Mao, so it’s probably extra hard to spin his story out. And what the? What’s with that in episode 20 ending? What? I thought it was a great couple episodes…only to be sloppily dropped at the end.

Tensai Okamura is a kill-them-all kind of a creator, so this is actually not surprising…but the episodic structure of the show does dull the edge of death, when each dispensable character has only 2 episodes to play with the heartstrings of the viewers.

But so much more eager that makes me look forward to the slaughter ahead!

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  • Owen S

    It’s been four arcs — eight whole episodes since the last death of a guest star babe. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Also Wei next episode is going to be awesome. There needs to be more Contractor fights in the first half of the arc.

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