Aspect Ratio of My Heart

…is not 4:3.

Sorry, unlike other busy bees I won’t be waiting for the 16:9 CLANNAD but I will very definitely use that excuse to watch it again. CLANNAD is one of those games that I didn’t want to try to play after seeing how AIR and KANON turned out, and thankfully Kyoto Animation is the kind of studio that you trust to bring a good adaptation.

No matter because of the framing, because of the clipping, because of the Golden Rectangle, or because 4:3 is not how it was meant to be seen, it doesn’t negate the fact that CLANNAD is a show that does take advantage of these elements in an anime’s presentation.

What’s amusing is how did the folks in Japanese TV broadcasting come upon this idea as a way to sway subscribers…? Viva the otaku revolution. Then again, looking at a fair sample of the blogs out there talking about CLANNAD, the issue is more or less silent. I guess most people still don’t care?

I know when I dream, I don’t dream in 4:3. Nor should you.

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