The Crossroad of Politics and Fandom

I went and voted today. In the US customarily state and federal governmental elections take place the first Tuesday after the first Monday of each November. Federal elections take place on even years (2006, 2008, etc), so today I only voted on state stuff…some propositions and some state legislature seats, plus some county and township nonsense.

Why did I vote? Because the day before I thought to myself: “So I spent a couple hours a day the past three months, bothering foreign proxies and internet denizens just so I can have my say about some retarded Higurashi bitch. Oh hey is down syndrome the new moe or what? Oh right, yeah, maybe I should go vote down those ludicrous tax proposals tomorrow. That actually makes a real difference. And for crying out loud it’s easier to vote for that than to cast a vote for Saimoe.”

So 2ch, thank you for making this young adult care about politics.

And as I said before; sure, to compare Gundam 00 with a Tom Clancy’s average work (like…Rainbow Six…) is probably comparing the lint in your pocket to… the change in your pocket, but at least Gundam 00 tries. I know there are some people who don’t want “real life” in their escapism. Trust me, I feel that way sometimes too. But variety is the spice of life, or some nonsense. I can imagine why some high power politician would read Rozen Maiden. Who’s the puppet in the Alice Game, now?

We don’t need a liberation front or anything like that. There can be identity in unity, but a loose coalition of ordinary rebels united through their beliefs rather through superficial labels is more genuine. Sure, the former might give you tax exempt status… but the latter is something people can really get behind with because it’s honest. Friends and families, for example. Plenty of otaku-ish people are at the right age to mate and raise families. That’s a good start. Reaching out to other folks around you? That is also good stuff. Go vote. Save money. Buy more anime. Watch more anime. Join the fandom. Win at life, not run from it.

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