Touka Gettan Episode 21

Wow, WTB moar Notokawaiiyonoto.


The name of the colors are lovely.

So is the simple b&w trick. Actually all of Touka Gettan has very good color, and it conveys this sense of an exorbitant fantasy to the atmosphere of the show.

Thanks to tenacious fansubbers with a love for the strange, Touka Gettan has been fully subbed for some time. However its backwards (literally) narrative and a fancy towards the silly makes Touka Gettan a difficult watch. It’s especially difficult to take seriously when you have such straightforward characters mixed with an otherworldly sense of humor.

But at the same time, enjoying Touka Gettan is possible if you abandon some of the more traditional limits to viewing anime. There’s no reason why you can’t skip around and just watch the episodes you like. There’s no reason why you can’t fast-forward through the episodes focused on the overall plot, and take your time and refresh yourself with older episodes. There’s also no reason why you can’t just watch episode 21 over and over again. And there’s no reason why you should watch all of it. Its narrative confining the backward story makes it possible to enjoy many of the episodes stand-alone once the viewer obtains some introductory knowledge about Touka Gettan’s world.

And as a novelty, Touka Gettan episode 21 is penned by the voice actress Mamiko Noto. Episodes 13 (lol onsen episode) and 11 are penned by voice actress Maria Yamamoto. Episode 18 (lol beach episode) is penned by also voice actress Ai Shimizu. Plus, some of the episodes in the series are basically Yamibou cameos. What surprised me was when finding out which episode exactly Noto wrote only after watching it. Needless to say the fans who found this gem generally praised it.

I guess it’s episodes like these that makes Touka Gettan so good. And it’s probably why I’ll continue to watch it even now, albeit with a slow and premeditated pace, at a random order. To Touka Gettan’s credit, most of the episodes I watched commanded my attention to some extent, so I think any order is a good order.

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  • digitalboy

    I had contemplated watching thi, since the backward order intrigued me, but the only opinion I’d heard that wasn’t an insult was Shiro >_> the only thing is, it’s the same guy who directed those shitstain yuri shows isn’t it? I dunno if I can trust that…

  • omo

    The only other real yuri show he directed was Yamibou. Strawberry Eggs and Angel Links are probably not what you want on your resume, though…

    I dunno, it’s not that terrible. It’s just sort of whacked.

  • dm

    There was a lot of positive chatter about the series when it started. I just finished a six-month hiatus in watching the series — picked it up again (partly inspired by this Omo post) where I left off at episode 15. It’s charming nonsense, and

    very, very, pretty.

  • dm

    Oh, pooh. It showed me the image in my preview.

    Let’s try that again: very, very, pretty

  • totali

    I’m glad there are actually those out there enjoying this series after its completion. At the time of airing there were seriously like 3 of us who were actually watching it episode by episode (hashihime being the leader) xD. 21 was definitely one of my favorite episodes, just because of how well they used the color isolation style to their advantage.

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