The Flight of Toilet Princess or Why Everyone Should Watch Piano no Mori, and Not Just Stuck Up People

I think my overall impression is summed up well here.

But there is still something to the theater. Things like home video, internet video, and the bicycle treadmill are not substitute for a wholesome, family night out at the movies. At any rate I caught it at the Kennedy Center this past morning, and it is always a pleasure to watch movies with an audience like that, seeing the director introduced the film for us.

You should ignore reviews like this entirely.

But how can you not talk about Piano no Mori without mentioning the Toilet Princess? That’s like talking about Nadesico without mention Ruri, or not use the letters “f,” “u,” and “n” to spell “funny.”

Honestly there are a lot of lack in Piano no Mori, but without reading the source material I can’t say if this for-the-family rendition on the silver screen is lulz, or merely a good balance between what’s funny and entertaining and what’s charming and endearing. It’s not an epic thriller nor is it a gripping tale of a Fugitive. I’m not even sure if it is slice of life.

What I am sure, is that Piano no Mori appeals very widely. There’s some merit about the complaint regarding lackluster character development for some of the more stoic characters–namely Amamiya. But for the rest of its cast, Piano no Mori does a splendid job of making the audience care about everyone else. How can you be not endeared to the likes of Takako or Rei-chan? But they are by all means minor characters, foils and mirrors for our protagonist. It seems incredibly potent, and the show makes good use of that power on its minor characters.

Maybe that’s why the movie seemed shallow and generally not something that’ll bring you to tears…unless you subscribe to the same sense of humor most of us does, then you might squeeze one out with the help of our Toilet Princess.

She still needs rainbow colored unicorns!

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