Retail Therapy Is Terrible…

…but you do it anyways.

But what needs to be purchased out to be purchased, and that includes:

5 Centimeters per second, Hi-Def, BRD or HDDVD.

Beyond the Clouds on BRD or HDDVD.

That new Tenmon CD, or ef anime OST 2.

And this wonderful soundtrack.

Some bits of disclosure: I am test driving CD Japan’s affiliate program. It’s really not a big deal because I use their services on a semi-regular basis anyways, and I really don’t expect to gain (or lose) anything through it. Which is to say, those links are for your information and it doesn’t really matter if you want to be a part of the whole thing. FWIW I bought a couple of those items from Amazon because it was still cheaper :) However they do let you make commission on your own sales, so I should be clicking on my own links!

But I do want to pimp the Romeo x Juliet soundtrack, which came out a month ago. With so much crap going on it got left out. Let’s just say Eminence Symphony Orchestra sounds way great, too, in a recording, as well in a live show.

Hopefully I can review both in due time.

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