Seeing how I’m doing this blog thing here, it means’s hosting is inaccessible in some way. Truth is, I have this $30/yr plan going (which is not a lot, but not too little) and the cheap shared hosting box was on had a massive hdd failure. Not sure what that means, maybe the controller card fried, whatever. I’m going to do what I reasonably could do to continue to retrieve what I may have lost data-wise, but I know for sure I have all my posts up to mid-year this year, or whenever I upgraded to WP version 3. I think. Which is sometime after June 17, 2010. I have a full backup of the blog at that time.

From then on, it is to be seen. I also have to retrieve all the other crap on my hosting beyond the blog too…

Meanwhile I should point my domain somewhere. Like here.

Blog header taken w/o permission from here.

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