Akari’s Pet Peeve

With wrapping up of Amagami SS we have first witnessed the arc-based treatment of a non-cumulative narrative, or more commonly called omnibus, format for your average multi-branching ADV game.

The girls are fine, and as I said before [would link if my blog is up w] each will appeal to someone, neither variable may be the same. Even the last bonus girl Risa is quite amusing in the sense that even what she did is horrible it is portrayed in a humorous light, and even in its composite-recap nature adds to characterization of the six protagonists earlier.

I just don’t want to hear people cry how she gets a better ending than Rihoko. Because it makes Akari go yandere.

No, more seriously, Rihoko is doing her token osananajimi thing, which is perfectly okay if she puts herself in the friendzone, because that is where she likes it best. It is similar to Risa’s perspective, except Rihoko is truly selfless. Because it would be up to Junichi to take it to the next level, at his leisure. Rihoko doesn’t want to stress him at all, and she really doesn’t. Because as long as you are together…what does it matter, right?

To-Heart is over 10 years old now, but it is still the best representation of a core aspect of bishoujo anime/game/culture today. Give it a whirl if you haven’t.

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