Run Ichika Run

Ok, so it finally made sense. Ichika is someone that unites the girls in their simple goal of… winning for whatever their hearts desire. Revenge, currying favor, satisfaction, confidence, whatever it is that drives the multi-national cast, all for one, one for all. It’s a pretty neat theme. Thanks, episode 11.

In that sense, Infinite Stratos is an exceedingly appropriate anime during a time of crisis in Japan. Japan needs our help, so France, Germany, China and the UK are going to step up to the plate and help ’em out right?

In the “final” ending sequence, people are running in sync. In the previous ones, Ichika ran at the same pace only with one other girl at a time. Who knew running would bring it all together? I guess it would be something I noticed earlier if I wasn’t spending all my time staring at Charlotte’s legs.

Other random comments about Infinite Stratos ED:

  • The Japanese chick is the tallest and biggest! Wau, what a bold statement.
  • Only if all the English chicks are oujosamas.
  • Wait, if Laura’s pants are designed like the skirts, why aren’t Orimura’s?
  • I like this seiyuu ensemble thing. Anime otakus do, too, generally. I think I’ve liked them like, every season. Or do I just like Marinajou’s and Hiyocchi’s vocals?
  • There’s no way they are running at the same speed, since their legs are of different lengths.

I guess I’ll leave the obvious LOL-American (not quite anti-American) and the usual nationalist slants to someone else.

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  • ToastCrust

    I’m definitely also a fan of the seiyuu ensemble. To me, it’s what makes a lot of the Zetsubou-sensei songs memorable, for example.

    The ED’s a really nice touch though. I’d personally been wrestling with the thing for most of the run of the show, along with all the other people, who were trying to figure out the significance of the spacing in that run.

    Finally, the different length legs thing never occurred to me, lol.

  • omo

    I think what I liked about the whole Zetsubo shoujotachi schtik was:
    1. LOL Kenji Ootsuki
    2. Marinajou and Aipon
    3. LOL the songs are just ridiculous for these girls trying to catch up.

  • ToastCrust

    Definitely double emphasis on LOL Kenji Ootsuki.

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