Something Positive about Some Anime

I’m watching way too many anime. And I don’t know what to cut. I don’t even want to cut, but it’s robbing me sleep, and while that’s fine now and then I don’t know if I’ll live for 3 months like this. Well, it’s not so serious; I just want my 7hr of sleep and all the other social perks that comes with living it up, you know?

Thinking about it, there are a lot of pretty interesting shows doing something right this season. I’m going to try to say a little bit about all the shows that I really want to follow, and can be cut. If a show is not listed here it means I am not watching it, or I can’t cut it, or if it’s Hoshizora Kakeru Hashi. Because that show…I have nothing to say about it, even if I am kind of watching it. Also, Moshidora is over already, so…

After writing up the list, I noticed the more I write about something, the higher chances that I am more attached I am to it than a show with a shorter point. It’s not always the case but that’s just how it ended up.

30-sai – Practical advice in a humorous form. If Moshidora is Drucker High School, 30-sai is your gossipy older sister or married friend who is trying to help you out.

A Channel – It’s just quirky enough to stand out.

AnoHana – Anal hair styles, and Jintan’s t-shirts (tho they could be more sarcastic). More seriously, it does a good job showing how circumstances amplifiy positive and negative emotions, and it’s almost like being mesmerized by a cell screensaver. Less seriously, I want to see “Team Menma” cosplays where a bunch of Yukiatsu cosplayers line up with pride.

[C] – Tomatsu makes a fiery pokemon, she’s fun to watch.

Blue Exorcist – It looks really good.

Deadman Wonderland – The only thing pushing this show forward is the mystery element, but it is a pretty good one because it is covered up by the weirdly large setting they have in place.

Hen Zemi – In a Qwaser sort of way, but more close to home in terms of how over the top some of these characters can be.

Hidan no Aria – I keep talking about the Segue + Uzi combo, but that’s so clever I can’t stop myself.

Kaminomi – As others have said, the best thing was how Saori Hayami’s Haqua worked out as well as it did, contrary to expectation (or lack of in my case).

Lotte no Omocha – Besides the fact that Horie’s character got her boobs milked, the iyashikei focus is a nice touch. It kind of makes me wonder why this hasn’t happened earlier, the iyashikei x harem angle.

Moshidora – The daily presentation is helping a lot. I don’t think my attention span would have survived 10 weeks. Nor is it fair to ask for that much for a (even if it is inspiring) display of Drucker management basics. I think two weeks is about right from a syllabus planning perspective.

Nichijou – It’s funny, and there is at least enough number of gags per episode to not miss any one single week.

OreTsuba – The narrative style presents a very weird premise with a lot of intrigue via its nonlinear presentation of life as is from independent third-person perspectives that are connected plot-wise. Of course it is still an act of deception via omission, but at least it ordered things right so that when it does tell you the trick, it makes sense and carries dramatic impact.

Seishun Otoko – The Seishun point system. It adds a “game” layer that is fun to wrap your mind around, kind of like seeing Mahoro’s expiration date but without the cheap emotional play.

Sket-dan – If anything, pacing is  fast and on the dot for this Jump manga adaptation.

Steins;Gate – Okarin is very likable, kind of like Wah but actually crazy and use Real Facts to back up his statements. It works well with the overall mood of the show.

SoftTeni – Cute girls doing amusing things.

Tiger & Bunny – It’s the better superhero anime this season, mainly because it’s the traditional, character-driven drama that anime is best known for outside the violence and porn perception of the west.

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  • ToastCrust

    Oh god man, why you remind me of Mahoro’s expiration date ;A;

    And lol, the quip about wah.

    I’m having similar troubles, but there are a few I think I can cut. But this is with the knowledge that, were it a slower or less packed season, they’re probably shows I wouldn’t have minded sticking to. On the level of principle, it bothers me a little that I’m probably going to cut A Channel, even though I saw Hyakko through, for a vaguely equivalent example (though, in that case, I also found Hyakko’s characters to be more likable, but I digress).

  • Taka

    I’m pretty much in the same bag for many of the same reasons. You can add Toriko to my list too though…and some things from last season like Gosick and Beelzebub…Fairy Tail…

    Anyway I thought your description of why one would watch OreTsuba was spot-on. I personally liked the humor in the first episode, but as the show went on what made me want to watch was to see just when *something* was going to happen. They finally have revealed a plot twist that actually is pretty damn good…I say plot twist but it’s really more like the first emergence of a plot. Before that it was just difficult-to-tell-apart people wandering around and getting badly rapped at.

    I dropped 30-sai and Moshidora though. Even though Moshidora is coming out so quickly I usually so backed up I have no interest in watching 1-2hrs of the show when I finally do get the weekend and catch up.

    One reason to watch HoshiKaka: Random references to slightly better anime in the dialogue.

  • omo

    HoshiKaka tip is like, damning with faint praise? I approve!

    Yeah, you have a good point about “slow” season and all. Maybe it’s good to save a series or two for a rainy day.

  • math4origami

    So that means I hope that Hanasaku isn’t getting dropped?

  • wah

    most of this season looked p. boring to me tbqh

    but i’m fine with three good shows and one okay show

  • omo

    Yeah, i’m not sure why i’m following so many shows besides that somehow i feel i’m being catered to, or something.

    and yes, hanasaku iroha and qwaser 2 are likely going to be full-length engagements.

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