A Game of Tuu-Tu-Ruus

Kana Hanazawa‘s character in Steins;Gate has this little chant, a sound effect, that she makes whenever she presents a greeting. It is very cute. Moe, perhaps.

It can also be full of burning passion.

It is also something I’ve been trying to get on my phone. After 3 seasons and some number of OAVs later, Meru’s notification tone for messages is getting a little old. I figured it’s time for something new.

I started looking for a good instance of Mayushii’s fanfare (or whatever you call that audible) to clip at around week 4 or week 5 of the simulcast from Crunchyroll. It’s about week 9 now, on 5/31. It’s like, the first couple weeks had a good opportunity or two where Mayuri was able to blurt it out with a bit of a framing from the show, without background noises in the way. Every other one since then it was a part of Mayuri’s normal routine. Often times it’s done while she’s in the middle of something–walking, running, talking while someone else is talking; if not, there’s always some kind of background noise to denote that thick, urban malaise. There was at least one where a car was driving by when the event occured.

Episode 8 even had a double … thing. Which was very cute. It feels like they’re quite mindful of how Mayuri speaks her signature line. Will some other character repeat the cute little catchphrase before the anime is over? Will we be cured of chuunibyou? The world may never know.

Will I get a clip of Mayuri going ドゥッドゥル゛ゥー? Yes, I already have. Will I get a clip of Mayuri going tuu-tu-ruu in a way that I like? Only time will tell.

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  • Iconograph

    You have a clip?! I need that clip!

  • omo

    I have one that I’m using, but it is far from my own standard of being good enough to be shared. If I have some time this week I will try to do a better job and put it up.

  • lelangir

    and here I was thinking your ring tone was ‘sharekoube’ or ‘lycopene’ or something…

  • ToastCrust

    There’s always praying to the benevolent acting deities of Otaku culture that the distinguished marketers and producers see it fit to milk all potential of profit from this property without hesitation and release some sort of exploitative character CD-type product that shamelessly drives the sound bite into the ground.

    Was the visual novel releases voiced? Perhaps that would be an easier venue.

  • plasma991

    Episode 8 had 4 instances of “tutturu,” which is ridiculously a lot (but I’m not complaining). :)
    I found a good one around the 13 minute mark – no background noise – that I have as a ringtone. I’m not sure though if that sound is up to your standards.

  • omo

    You’re right about episode 8. It would be the one I’d go clip.

  • dm

    Another character has already used it — the daughter of “Mr Braun”, the shopkeeper downstairs. I think, some child acquaintance of Mayuri’s, anyway.

  • dm

    PS., “fanfare” is probably a good term for it. It’s basically how she uses it.

  • TheBigN

    1. Why not use the burning live version? Too much crowd noise?

    2. The important thing with something like this is to keep try.

  • omo

    1. Yes
    2. Well, the point here is that I really should wait until it’s all over. And then also consult the game clips.

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