There was a reason why I am really behind on my Haikasoru reading. Or at least one of them being Fate/Extra. It is also the first Japanese RPG-type game that I finished to some degree of completion since Valkyria Chronicles 1, which was a long time ago.

Lamenting on lack of time and interests aside, one of the biggest draw for Aksys’s localized version of the thing is (aside from being translated) hearing Tange Sakura as Saber Extra. The Red Saber. The Saber with see-thru skirt. Whatever. I kind of enjoyed that a lot, despite PSP’s built in size limitation in terms of how much voiceover it can possibly hold.

I went for Rin in my only playthrough, on the other hand, and they really need to give her more lines.

The only lure left is to play through the game again using Caster, with Saito Chiwa. I mean, right? I don’t think they were beating around the bush at seiyuu selection.

There’s a little bit of me inside wanting to play it through again just so I can get to Ryogi Shiki, but that would be a spoiler–well, not exactly. She’s one of those optional unlock bosses you can find in the New Game+ scenario.

There are a lot of interesting things to Fate/Extra that nobody talks about. Probably because it really is not important, and those who would probably can’t withstand the tedium of playing rock paper scissors so many times.

I wonder if it sold well enough to warrant Fate/Extra CCC, or at least so I can download it by the time I end up with a Vita (which I assure you is not likely this year). On that note, I should say something about my SIGNIFICANT DISAPPOINTMENT with GameStop with their preorder program. It happened that I preordered the game before I moved, and I forgot to change my address on my preorder when I did. Eventually it came up with GS by the time they wanted to bill me, so there was a back-and-forth. When the issue was resolved with GameStop CS they decided to not ship me the preorder bonus with the game. I sent an email and they said they will ship it to me, except it has not yet happened. And this is about 3 months ago now. Because I totally would not have bought the game physically (or even with them) otherwise!

As for Red Saber, I think her story is kind of sound although I have a hard time buying in. It seems to mimic reality a lot better than normal Saber’s plea to genderswap, which somehow made it easier to question the details?

I guess the only angle I have on Red Saber’s legacy is one that is like Guilty Crown’s Hare’s First Love. Not that it’s like how history paints it. And here ends with answering one spoiler with another. It’s unfortunate that I’m doing a cop-out here, since all the interesting stuff are probably spoiler of some sort.

Speaking of not-spoiler material, at one point in the game I realized there are actually only so many R/P/S patterns to memorize, and they don’t even all show up on the same level. It worked great because you get to run each level of the dungeon maybe 2-3 times per game-week. All I had to do is go through the fights once and it’ll come to mind which moves to guess when it comes down to guessing. It also helped that Saber was very error-tolerant.

Well, it’s a fun diversion, if it took a little longer than I wanted. I probably didn’t have to grind so much near the end. Is it worth it? Only if you like Type-Moon and the voice cast/moe/otaku nature of it. But you probably didn’t need me to tell you that. What you probably didn’t know is, unlike some possible kusoge, the system is smooth and doesn’t try to get in your way. As long as you remember that the square key teleports you and the triangle key skips the dialog, it’s a good time.

I mean if “omg Omo finished a JRPG! It can’t be good” makes sense to you, well, you should be happy that this reaffirms the same.

7 Responses to “Fate/Extra”

  • Fencedude

    I need to get back to Fate/Extra.

    Saber Extra is, of course, divine. Umu!

    Throughout Fate/Zero I couldn’t help but wish it was Saber Extra instead of Saber Arturia. Wouldn’t Saber Extra and Rider Iskander just be the most total bros ever?

  • omo

    Oh God Saber Extra and Iskander Rider. Actually wait that would be like
    Iskander: “You did what with my kingdom??! HAHAHAHA that’s awesome bro.”

  • Fencedude

    Also, Saber Extra would have taped Iri so fast that she wouldn’t have known what hit her.

  • Son Gohan

    I also played F/E with Saber choosing the Rin route, then replayed it with Caster choosing the Rani route.
    The good thing about the Rani route is that you get to fight Berserker Arcueid. Sadly she doesn’t have many lines due to the Mad Enhancement, but the scene after the battle is awesome!

    I tried to fight Ryogi Shiki on the last day but she is so tough! It’s extremely difficult to beat her with Caster, who has a low HP. She often one-hit killed me.She also has an annoying ability that can permanently seal one move for the rest of the duel and it can’t be healed! I fought her like 15 times then gave up. I will try to beat her with Archer on my third playthrough but I posponed it for now, since grinding the levels can become really annoying.

    Sakura Tange is divine. As a character, Saber Nero is a lot of fun. Can’t forget the “strangling a lion naked” dialogue!
    Also the “mana transfer” scene with Rin (or Rani) is glorious! :)

  • omo

    Sounds like you had what I had in mind as well. I will note that about Ryogi Shiki versus Caster.

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