Otakon 2012: Day 0, 1

Actually I was already in Baltimore by day -1. Day 0 was mostly enjoyable for a sweltering-hot day at the Camden Yards. James Shields pitched into trouble and that was the end of that. I also realize how tough it is to be an O’s fan. I hope they make the playoffs this year.

“I don’t need THIS ONE!”

By Day 1 I was able to meet/greet most of the internet/twitter dudes I wanted to see. Hopefully I can catch the rest tomorrow. For now, a little bit of sleep.

Nanri Yuuka, when dolled up, is a little exotic actually. She’s got this natural beauty that doesn’t show up on pinup shots. But at the same time I don’t disagree with Momotato’s “type 3″ cute estimate. Not that I know what he means. When she’s just walking around the con, you would barely notice this 4’11” Japanese woman just walking around.

The Aniplex guy working with Urobuchi recognizes my script from AX, LOL. Maybe when the time is right I might donate it. I’m in that kind of mood. For that to happen more people need to watch Fate/Zero. By that I mean having it being a meaningful donation and would fetch a higher price.

This Mikako Joho girl is pretty okay.

Best part of the day that I can blog about was probably when the Baltimore Fogo had no lines, and is $30/person. A+ deal will do it again.

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