Otakon 2012: Day 3

Otakon day 3 by stats

  • # of Jimmy John sandwiches consumed: 2
  • # of meals at the con: 1
  • # of tweets at home: 16353
  • # of autographs: 3
  • # of handshakes: 7
  • # of UOs burned through: 4

Otakon day 3 by Tsuritama cosplayers

Otakon day 3 in a paragraph (or 3)

Aya Hirano went overdrive and signed a billion autographs. There were a lot of happy fans. Jim Vowels finally announced his J-music festival. There were a lot of happy fans. It’s one thing to bid farewell to friends departing the con, it’s another to say “see you in November” to them. Thanks Otakon! And all it took was to wait until after the closing ceremony before leaving the con! If there was one “I wish I had” moment on Day 3 for me, it is missing out entirely on the Charity Auction. Which, in retrospect, might be a good thing.

PS. I listened to a bunch of iM@S music on the way home. In fact, the entire way home. Two observations: First, I really do like the iM@S 2 related tracks much more. Second, it is probably because they are better produced. Maybe by “second vision” it actually does mean something, something that kicked into effect in 2009 or 2010. Because it is just outright so much better than their previous string of stuff.

PPS. I listened to a lot of iM@S music on the way home because I feel yet again a severe lack of iM@S content. I did see some couple Ps with their iM@S shirt. A particular person on twitter wore Iori and the other guy (friday) wore Makoto. I tried unsuccessfully to search/stalk for an iM@S cosplay gathering and I guess there was one but I probably should’ve asked someone working the ACP or something. Which is funny, because I do know someone!

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