Upcoming Anime Music Preorders

The goal of this post is to streamline what I want to buy in a post so I can click on it. If you would so kind and suggest in the comments things to add to this list, that would be excellent.

In general, my thoughts on Tari Tari is like this. I’m not gonna lie: the cheesy chorus music appeals to me in some primal way that is probably coded in my DNA. Also, partly what prompted this post.

Music Album: Music album: Utattari, Kanadetari

ED: Shiokaze Harmony

Masami Okui in my Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere season 2? I think the term is “Out of Nowhere.”

Season 2 ED1: Side SunRise: Sora no Uta

By wota idol standards, MomoClo is weapon grade catchy. They renamed themselves for Joshiraku ED and I’m happy to oblige.

ED: Nippon Egao Hyakkei (by Momokuroteiichimon)

I am on the fence, but Kurinoko doing an anison that is more like a power ballad is a good thing. Multiple editions to gorge your money, that Muv-luv Alternative: Total Eclipse anime…

ED: signs –┬áSakutsuki Hitoyo [CD/DVD Artist version]

ED: signs –┬áSakutsuki Hitoyo [CD/DVD Anime version LE]

My first foray into iM@S music will probably be the delayed Namassuka special #1. Yes, of course.


Well that’s it for now. Any other suggestions? AFA is getting Sphere? Great, good for them. Just don’t drink their water now.

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