New York Comic Con 2012: Day 2, 3

Sort of a scattershot post to recap some stuff on NYCC Saturday and Sunday.

Yes on bkub. Got a Wolverine to go with that Deadpool I picked up last year. Maybe Cable next year? Or maybe Cyclops will be for better effect? For what it is worth, I managed to get everyone (I think?) at Ryo Moto’s booth to do a commission. You can look at the loop pic below for more details. Bkub’s (more like bee caaab amirite) stuff sold like hotcakes, and even his little poster thing. Charm volume 13 was there when I went to their table at about 1pm on Saturday and it was gone by 4pm. Too bad! I bought this other dude’s comic, because it was, well, not Touhou and was funny enough to make me laugh at least once. I think out of the new guys he was probably the most promising.

On Sunday, GSC gave away a bunch of the posters at their booth display. They were just blow-up photographs of some figures that are either popular or upcoming stuff. You had to play mass jan ken with, I believe, this person. My friend that I was with won a picture of Nendo Fate/Zero Saber on the motorcycle. It was…well. At least these were already framed, so it’s a great thing to get if you’re driving home.

Saturday was a lot of fun. We ended up the night with yakiniku with a bunch of people offline and online. I avoided the dealer room crowd mostly but ended up in there to say hi to this man, who ended up selling me some porn. I guess I owe Rinko that much.

Across the two days, I was able to hit some panel material–NISA, Crypton, and JManga. JManga brought over the mangaka of SoreMachi, which is kind of amazing if you think about it–it’s one of the best selling titles on JManga and that’s how it worked, and that is only because how the anime came out right around the time JManga launched. Or at least I’m guessing all this. Ishiguro-sensei is a trooper and there was a short line for his autograph session at JManga booth–another reason why I had to brave the exhibit hall on Saturday.

NISA had their usual spiel at the con, panel-wise. The new license for Denpa Onna to Senshun Otoko is hardly a surprise but the localization titling it “Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl” is just outrageously LOL. I mean, this is localizing it a little too much, but I’m kind of amused that they were able to pick the one meaning to the title that I would not have expected them to translate from. Too bad that localization cuts out the other readings.

Crypton’s panel is pretty chillax, and the footages from the various Miku live shows are definitely exciting stuff. Wish I can get as excited as these kids could. Also, always bring your sticks when you plan to go to a Crypton panel.

At the Moyoko Anno autograph session, I was standing around and talking to some guys who were done with their stuff and hanging out. Saturday, only about 35 people showed up to get her signature, so I wanted to see if I could get something after the fact.

I said hi to bros, and said bye to bros. It’s a good time, and I even made it home in time for dinner. Didn’t meet every single person I wanted to see, but that never happens at a con this size, I guess.

PS. This is purely speculation: If Miki is the template of so many contemporary blond bombshell characters, does this mean when asking for commission from people who works in the anime industry, is Miki the go-to girl?

2 Responses to “New York Comic Con 2012: Day 2, 3”

  • animemiz

    Glad to see that you got Anno-sensei’s autograph. The board looks real nice. ^_^ Also slightly bummed that I didn’t run into you this past weekend. Shall definitely look into seeing you and other friends I missed at the JAM Project concert. Heading to the Monkey Majik/Yoshida Brothers concert?

    • omo

      Yea, I’ll definitely see you at the JAM Pro show.

      No idea about the MM/Yoshida Bros concert yet. It’s on a weekday so it’s tough for me. I guess I’ll think about it.

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