10 Things about Psycho-Pass

This is more like my impression after 3 episodes than actual facts about Psycho-Pass. Also, this is a little too Letterman for my taste, but that’s how it came out.

10. There was this anti-moe nonsense where one of the key creative people banned the word “moe” in some of their internal production discussions.  Big whoop. Only if by banning the word it makes the show not moe. Truth is, anything with Kana Hanazawa is probably moe. And maybe it doesn’t necessarily involve cute or female characters!

9. noitanimA shop is pushing some Psycho-Pass apparels. You can see this video for some examples. Kana wants you to keep watching.

8. FUNimation is streaming this every Thursday right after it airs. I don’t know why it doesn’t do the same for Robotic;Notes, but this is the Psycho-Pass post. I have been watching the simulcast via an elite account and it is working pretty okay. The player sometimes get finicky under Chrome but it works. I wonder if they throttle free users. If they do, they probably should advertise that!

7. Ling Toshite Shigure OP does not disappoint.


5. The Dominator’s new mode as explained in episode 3 works just like the famous Doom superweapon, the BFG. Note that Tsunemori was standing on the other side of the drone, and the shot didn’t touch her at all because of LOS…

4. Sybril and the Psycho-Pass are two different things, among other things.

3. Momotato kind of likes it…!

2. People possibly walk around naked, under that holographic system of clothing. If the interior decoration is of any hint, maybe Tsunemori is wearing a green suit all the time. I wonder how that applies to makeup.

1. Written by Gen Urobuchi.

PS. Hurricane Sandy left me with a great time tweeting (since I guess I can’t be distracted once internet and power went out) about the howling wind and how I can feel my house move around while I doodled away on my PSP unlocking K-ON content. Oh, hey, I was going to buy Shiny Festa over PSN but I noticed I had only 5330 yen left (MSRP 5380 yen) and not too sure if I wanted to spring another 50 (or 10 I guess) just so I can play it a couple weeks earlier than the copy that is shipping to me. It’s way too much effort for an impulse buy. Oh, right, what’s the word about the hurricane that left me without power (probably for up to 5-7 days)? Walpurgisnacht? Yea that was how it feels–as far as an internet meme that helps you laugh about a real-life problem. Even though it really isn’t bad, and it gives me the opportunity to mess with all this camping gear. But unless I can juice up every day (maybe I could) I doubt I’ll get around blogging much (let alone watching anime), or get more XCOM-seiyuu killed.

2 Responses to “10 Things about Psycho-Pass”

  • Hogart

    Well, I lost it at number 6. Thanks, I needed that.

  • vendredi

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who had some serious Kuragehime deja vu. The jellyfish even sounds the same.

    I wonder if the “actual” clothing is the rather scanty wear Akane is sporting in the opening segment. The holographic clothing really raises all sorts of weird questions about whether we can really take anything at literal face value – if you can change your clothing, why not your entire appearance?

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