JAM Project Wants You!

To go to their show in Baltimore tomorrow!

Sounded from the forums that the Otakon Music Fest is still on. The venue has power and didn’t get wet, so it is a go as long as the flights don’t cancel (I’m guessing they aren’t). The last I heard was that this isn’t going to be some huge sell-out crowd. The venue is not small, but obviously it’s a challenge to see how many real anison troopers would show up for a thing like this. The guest list, if you haven’t heard, includes also Aso Natsuko and Faylan, both I believe are performing in the US for the first time (if not North America in general). JAM Project has been around the globe a couple times so it’s good to see them in the USA again after their Latin America tour.

You can find all concert details here.

I assume people know who JAM Project is and I won’t go on about them, although this time Fukuyama isn’t coming because he isn’t cleared to fly due to his recent medical condition. I guess the timing just isn’t right, besides the hurricane.

This is kind of the one song I want to hear from Natsuko:

And maybe this:

Faylan is a little trickier. Clearly, it includes:

Here’s a clip from Connichi in DE this year. I guess this is what we can expect, although there will be a live band.

This song is pretty much at the top of my Faylan list:

Both Faylan and Natsuko have 2 solo albums if I recall correctly. Somehow Faylan just gets more tie-ins…

PS. Despite having power now, I’m still lacking in XCOM time. Maybe next week, when hopefully things will return to normal! This no internet thing is, as you would expect, a major bummer.

PPS. Calls? Did anyone said calls? I hope Paranda knows them because a lot of Natsuko’s stuff is written with that in mind, should be a good time.

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