For Sale: Grab Bags

As mentioned in the prior sales post, here are the grab bags! More like, bag o crap, except they’re in boxes.

They are $20 + shipping each. Here are some sample items that you might find in any one of them. In the average box I’m aiming to have at least 6 from this list, plus more items.

  • A KOTOKO 2012 Aisa tour paper folding fan
  • Takuya Tsunoki’s autograph on a shikishi (He’s a Madhouse producer). This one is p. cool because he drew Kaiji on it.
  • Aniplex USA’s Madoka DVD vol 3
  • Mangagamer’s Kira Kira (all ages)
  • Nemu boob pad (thanks, Mangagamer!)
  • Bandai/Crunchyroll’s 5 Centimeters per Second DVD
  • Sentai’s K-ON Season 2 Blu-ray Disc vol 2.
  • Masakazu Ishiguro autographed clear plastic folder (mostly known as mangaka for Sore Demo Machi wa Mawatteru) with printed JManga promo artwork on it.
  • One set? of Yujin Aria the Natural trade figures
  • Random OOP type-moon trade figures (Sorry too lazy to ID what they are, but it’s across 2 sets I believe)
  • Some trade figures from Namco’s Tokimeki Memorial 3.
  • Random promotional items, like pencil boards, stickers or post cards.
  • A… Strong Bad beanie cap. Fan-made probably.
  • Imported(?) JAM Project CDs
  • Maybe some packing filler. You know you want some.

Other than the trade figures, the fan, other obvious things like autographed things and the … hat, all items are unopened. Some of the figures are not in great shape, but you can salvage them! Shipping to the continental USA is going to be somewhere between $5 to $10, depending on what size flat rate box I can fit it in, or if I have just enough boxes lying around to ship it cheap. I’m aiming for $5! But please realize it can vary especially if I end up making more of these and stuff bigger items.

If you want to buy one, please email me ( and tell me what you want to buy (1 or more grab bags), your Paypal email and either your zip code or country. First come first serve. I will reply with confirmation and possibly a shipping quote if you need one. When the items are ready to ship you’ll receive an invoice ($20 USD+shipping) at your Paypal account, and it’ll ship as soon as everything clears and I get a chance to go to the post office.

As you know, limited quantities! And you can certainly buy multiple of them. I don’t know how many of these I can end up making but this is not even all the stuff I am ready to part with. If you have general questions about these grab bags and the like, fire away in the comments.

[Originally I thought about letting people buy specific things, but meh, too much hassle. Easier if you just buy more boxes and try your luck. Because it’s not like I have 10 of these.]

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