Seiyuu Idol Debut Season

Congrats 2 Hiromi Hirata!

It might or might not be duck season or rabbit season, but it’s definitely seiyuu idol album debut season. Beware of the ref links, sorted by release date.

Ayahi Takagaki – Relation, Apr. 17.

Shizuka Itou – TBD, Apri. 17.

Ayana Taketatsu - Apple Symphony, Apr. 10.

Mai Aizawa – moi, Mar. 27.

Kana Hanazawa – Claire, Feb. 20.

Mikako Komatsu - THEE FUTURES, Feb. 13.

u’s – Love Live Best Album – Jan. 9.

StylipS – Step One – Jan. 9.

On the horizon is Yoko Hikasa’s “compilation album,” too… And YuiKaori is probably due in 2013. I’m probably missing someone. I have to give it to Yoko Hikasa’s Pony Canyon website for dishing it up, that’s exactly how you should approach selling her stuff.

Don’t even ask if they are any good. I guess we can actually admit that Hanazawa’s is something you can listen to, but nothing here is going to change the world or anything.

This is, of course, on top of all the other crap coming out. Looks like it’s going to be pretty busy up till April.

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