Tokyo 2013

Girl with Camera

I will be in Tokyo to cosplay as a tourist starting later next week. I will return to the guise of a salaryman otaku again after the 22nd. If I stopped blogging for a couple weeks, now you might have some idea what was going on.

I’m also planning to attend the following events:

The rest of the time I will be doing normal touristy things, I think. Hopefully I will have time to not only meet up with at least a few people I know living there at the moment, but hit up all the delicious eats! If you want to meet & say hello let me know.

Lately things has just been kind of busy, especially when I try to squeeze in video games in my routine (that is not Love Plus). Now the new season is here and I probably should say something about Kyousuke Hyoubu, Oreshura and Maoyu (again, but from an internal perspective). Especially Oreshura…

There’s all kinds of things I want to do in Tokyo too, but short of laundry-listing them (or rather, the listing of things I want to do in a master list format is a to-do item) let’s just say that there’s a world of possibilities and it’s like having to deal with the nagging feeling of missing out on something. Hoping the cherry blossoms will still remain and more importantly, I’m hoping the rain will keep away.

4 Responses to “Tokyo 2013”

  • wah

    Cherry blossoms are all gone, man. At least around Tokyo.

    But yeah, next week looks fine weather-wise. Hopefully the following won’t be bad either.

    • omo

      Yea I hear about the cherry blossoms. I’m assuming if I want to actually see some I will have to travel north or hunt down places with different varieties. I’m hoping the heavy rain you guys had the past week reduced airborne allergens lol.

      But rain sucks, so yeah, hopefully at least good weather will accompany me along with excellent exchange rates!

  • DarkFireBlade25

    Hm I always wondered what you do as a profession.

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