Steins;Gate the Movie – Fanfare Version

So I watched the Steins;Gate movie. It’s … well, I probably should hold back on making a call until I confirm my understanding of it, but let’s just say it didn’t meet my expectation. In the end, a time-travel plot can only take you so far. I blame having watched Looper not too long ago for the first time (on the flight to Japan in fact), and that sort of colored my view.

There were two big theaters showing the movie on opening day. Somehow I went to the Ikebukuro Sunshine Cinema for my viewing at 9:45am, which is really early for a movie by American standards, and it’s kind of across town from where I was staying. When I arrived there were lines outside for kuji goods, and lines inside for the movie-specific goods. There really isn’t anything too special, but the cyalume saber is pretty cool–a star wars lightsaber kind of a deal, except it can display something like 6 different colors. It also makes sounds. And by pretty cool I mean it would be a good gag. I mean, I guess you can use it at events…

Given only 2 theaters were doing it in downtown Tokyo, I saw some pretty cool loot.

Signed poster

Chiyomaru eh

I had standing-only seats. It wasn’t too bad because I got there early, and the runtime is only 89 minutes.

As for the movie itself, let’s just say it’s very Chris-centric. In fact if you like her or if she’s your #1 or you dig the thing she has going on with Okabe, then this movie will be your jam. For the rest of us, well, I was hoping for a little more actual drama. Instead, what we have is what is probably best called “closing the loop.” It’s nice to see it come around and make the pieces fit, but I think those of us expecting high dramatics that made the TV series a joy to watch probably should tone our expectations down.


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