Otakon 2013: Day -1 & Details

Just the facts, ma’am. And some opinion and advice. I’d say this post may update but I got no time to do so, realistically speaking. [And ho, Update 1–Otakon lounge and booths][Update 2: oh boy new rules for concerts this year woooo whole sections out of the door][Update 3 added FUNi][Update for correct panel info]

The latest schedule (now a PNG). Just get it on Guidebook instead.

TM Revolution’s concert with Home Made Kazoku is at the Arena at 4pm on Saturday. TMR is also selling a special compilation CD at Otakon. See their booth in the dealer room. Details for the show here.

Yoko Kanno’s concert with Ishikawa Chiaki is at main events at 1pm on Sunday. Piano Me will probably need an advance lineup if you want to be in the live audience (and by advance I mean like, 9-10am), but [T]here is a simulwatch room as well for late comer types. I presume merch is also available in the dealer room, since there’s a booth for her. The concert will now require tickets. The tickets are available in limited quantities Friday and Saturday from 1-3PM, and Sunday 9-10AM. They are first-come first-serve (2 per person) at Sharp street lobby by Hall D. To go watch the concert live you will need a ticket. You don’t need a ticket for the simulcast. And you still have to line up for the concert as usual! Details here.

Good Smile Company is going to be at Otakon, at least sharing a booth with Daisuki. Goods TBD.

Daisuki will be doing their usual deal as per AX, booth and a panel. I assume Crunchyroll is doing the same thing, but it’s worth checking out if they’re doing any interviews with guests. Would be cool if Ishikawa showed up.

Aniplex is basically done with their Otakon plans. We have the charity poster, we have the OreImo event (and a poster giveaway there). There’s probably a booth autograph session since there’s only 1 con autograph session with the OreImo guests, and 2 con autograph sessions with the SAO ones. And of course they’ll be selling leftover AX merch. Adachi will be live drawing at the World of SAO panel.

From Chiba to the World

The OreImo Premiere screening might or might not require a room clear. I hope not, because this way I can catch the Young Animator Showcase that goes before it. Well. Maybe. This could be complicated.

Mangagamers said at AX there are 5 titles for Otakon, so yep. And probably more leftover AX merch to sell.

Otakon has their Thursday festival. It’s cute but also a little quaint. And this year is no different. What’s different is it’s at the West Shore Park.

Studio Nasu, the Otakon video Game people, are doing a pre-con game room thing for their Otakon game backers (of any level). It’s neat and I probably should spare you the details–check your email or the project updates if you are a backer before Thursday night.

What is this I don’t even.

Funimation is doing the Wolf Children dub premiere at Otakon. They’ve got their usual lineups of actors and actresses. Some loot based on badge tags. You know the drill. More importantly is the Evangelion 3.0 screening on Friday…

Lastly, the rumored autograph random draw–TMR and Yoko Kanno both have 2 autograph sessions and Otakon is actually doing a ticket lineup (on Friday morning 10am) for these autograph sessions to lessen the line/crowding at the autograph area. Details here. I am going to be there like, crack-ass dawn, because I have to be somewhere at 10:20……

Oh hey, a 21+ lounge at Otakon. Pimp. Friday night 8PM, top of Hyatt Regency. A cash bar and … dance lessons?

PS. Again, free iM@S tags if you can catch me!

PPS. Come to my panel 7:30pm Saturday in Panel 4 (BCC) lol.

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