Otakon 2013: Day 1

Anime USA, thanks for all the fish.

Vividred Operations

I mean, it’s like mindblowing.gif.

Day 1 was pretty okay. Other than 600 people cramming into a line for 350 people in order to get the first batch of the Yoko Kanno/Chiaki Ishikawa tickets, everything went very well. I met up with most people that scattered my twitter follower list that were at the con between day 0 and day 1.

The panel I’m doing with WAH is actually in the BCC, Panel 4. I probably should fix that huh. Kawaiikochan’s Dave Cabrera will also guest to do some game content because Wah and I are not exactly gamers. It’s 7:30pm Saturday!

Yoko Kanno is still the sly cat that she always was. Could use more iM@S content. It’s kind of funny when some random blog reader (hey there) went up to a friend who was decked out in iM@S gear (he’ll be wearing a biking jersey tomorrow) and asked if he was omo. I guess the world is kind of all one? UNITY MIND.

OreImo was fun, and I’m glad we put that behind us. Yes, the sucker punch still has its sting in anime form.


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