This post is about music from anime that gets panned. Not quite about EGOIST per se but clearly that one is one of those.

For the most part, EGOIST is just Chelly produced by supercell. I’m thinking that at some point or another Hiroyuki Sawano might have had some hand in them, but I can’t find out any links off hand. Sawano’s own soundtrack to Guilty Crown is also, perhaps, overlooked because people didn’t like the anime so much. It’s easy to say this because the similarly-sounding Attack on Titan tracks do much better with popularity. I mean, the same people did a similar thing for both shows, with exception that maybe Kyoujin OST is the bigger of the two. Pun-wise and in terms of the sounds.

Walking back the path of time via the Animusictourney, it’s easy to see how weaker soundtracks get lifts from stronger source material or emotional attachment to the IP. One of my favorites from a few years back was Sphere’s debut anime, Nijine’s Hatsukoi Limited anime soundtrack. And I kind of blurbbed about that. But who liked that show?

It’s times like this–by this I mean while writing this blog post–that I miss the old #MALKEIONBU, because I’d have at least a clue on what to listen for. Also because this particular section of the brackets just makes me cry. I would say it makes an old man cry but calling myself old is an insult to actual old people.

Shifting gears a bit, let’s talk about Os-Uchuujin. Or Os-宇宙人. You know what that song reminds me of? 90s rock music. In fact it makes me think of this song.

Because it’s pretty fly for seiyuu music. The thing is, Ogame speaks like a normal little (size-wise) Japanese girl. She’s not quite KaneTomo-class, but she’s still that shrilly Asian vocalist when speaking normally. You can tell from the video, as she speaks a bit in the beginning. The guys playing the song is a major label band and the lead vocal normally sounds not too different than the seiyuu-san vocalist anyway?

And of course, it’s all in the lyrics.

Which is all to say, it’s okay to dislike it and speak your personal biases honestly, but don’t discredit what you don’t know! That is not the spirit of things.

PS. Happy Birthday Kotori-san!

PPS. Happy Birthday Dreamcast-san!


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