Year In Review 2013: Small Packages

gdgd weapon trafficking

I didn’t watch gdgd Fairies back in 2011. I watched it late in 2012 (in winter?) after so many people saying good things about it. gdgd Fairies season 2 launched winter of 2013, so that came in timely. Right after that was a similar kind of show, Straight Title Robot Anime. Alongside those, we have Teekyuu, Yama no Susume, Aiura, Ishida & Asakura, among many others. There were also web shorts like Inferno Cop and Turning Girls. In short, I watched a lot of anime shorts this year, and maybe so did you.

I mean, the thing is, short anime has been around for a long time. There are probably more short anime today than there was 6 years ago, but it isn’t an explosively growing category. But we English-language speakers are watching more of it, because more of it are being made available. These shows typically don’t get the love, in a very literal sense, as longer, typical TV anime. So they are rarely watched by English-language viewers let alone fansubbed.

I mean, you gotta be pretty awesome to fansub gdgd Fairies or Teekyuu. And it takes a special kind of person to translate, say, Straight Title Robot Anime.

On the other hand I can see why people would sub Aiura. I mean, it’s like king crabs, the iPhone, and teenage girls’ legs. I don’t really need to go farther than that right?

Thing is, because these shows are so short and don’t pack that much of a punch (and even then some sure punched pretty hard, many were well outside of their weight classes), people just don’t talk about them. And maybe that’s just how it is.



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