Space Dandy: Paionium

Having finally watched the second coming of Mushroom Samba, I can say that there needs to be more boobs.


Less jokingly, the best thing about Space Dandy 01 is the ending joke, which is the one most faithful thing from the esteemed comedy side story of Cowboy Bebop. Other than the possibly psychedelic influences. When you take the mushroom out of Mushroom Samba it is really just kind of dull.

And that’s kind of how Space Dandy is so far. I think to help with this, they added boobies, and unfortunately some people take breasts really seriously so the effects will vary.

I watched the Cartoon Network premiere and the EN dub was okay. It’s easy to get overblown in terms of pointing at the differences, but after watching the JP dub (which is probably best watched on Hulu for Americans), I think it’s pretty okay. I think the Space Ball joke about going to Plaid just didn’t work out the same if you didn’t work in the Paiotsu angle, but that aside, everything is tolerably localized. Oh, I guess it was missing that ending. It’s Yoko Kanno arranging an Etsuko Yakushimaru song, which is A Big Deal in my book. Even if said Big Deal sounded only Okay in the TV cut.

Thanks for Noucome, we know what a Paiotsu is. And yes, this is basically also the first episode’s most consistently running joke. The dub can’t work out the pun, understandably so, and we miss out on probably the one life saver Space Dandy episode 1 had. Oh well.

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