Anime Boston 2014: Day 2 JAM Edition

Thanks, Lantis

I’m about an hour-and-half from their press session but I want to just doc some bullets from their lives.

Well, I missed their fan panel, which was a mixed thing although you can still pull some joke points out of it. Anyway.

Fukuyama is as awesome as you expect. JAM Project with and without him make a huge difference. Because who would go grab my friend’s king blade half way through a song LOLOL. Also, at the end of day 2’s SKILL he threw a pineapple about 10 feet high and caught it bare handed. How he got a pineapple is a mystery (well a fan brought it up to the stage).

The turnout was okay at Boston, I’d say maybe ~2000 for the proper concert and ~1000 for the second concert. The low day-two turnout probably has to do with how the show starts at 11pm and ends at 12:30am. But because of this it means the ticketing thing is bull and you can get tickets at any time during the con so LOL. The main auditorium seats maybe 5000-6000, including the balcony.

There are laid-back balcony seats. I think it’s always cool.

Some VGO/Berkley VIPs (friends of Asa-nee and the con I think) got the center aisle seats on day 2, but LOL there were two JP girls that went balls when Dani came out for his OP solo. Anyway. There were a few people who ran up and gave flowers to everyone at the end too.

Set lists here:

MASK with a live band and that bass solo OMG HOLD ME.

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