Daydreaming about Lantis Fest Vegas

Rather than just posture my embarrassing fantasy in the form of a guest request post on a certain forum, why not embarrass myself here instead. I have Google analytics! I know how many people read this blog. LOL.

Reon surprise guest at 9th? yeap.

So yes, actually going through Lantis Fest’s list of guests from their four shows this year means parsing a huge lineup, many are probably not likely for a US debut. And an oversea live naturally has a lot more limits than a domestic one, namly in terms of the music tech stuff–setup, instruments, what have you. Shipping a band of 5 is a lot more expensive than shipping an idol group of 5 because of those things. Especially in this case when vocalists can share a generic backing band–Lantis has the resources of a record label after all. It’s just a question of what their expectations are and what ours are.

But let’s shoot the moon first. I’ll highlight the more realistic picks as we go through them.

JAM Project – You know they’re coming. I would be shocked if that wasn’t the case. And for me, they represent a great value. If I go to a 2-day Lantis Fest featuring Jam Project, that will make my trip break even (for continental US/CAN) even if everyone else that shows up are people I don’t care for. Doubly so if they stretch JAM into a 2-day event where the individual members perform solo. At Anime Boston earlier this year, that was already the case, and it forms the basis for a 3-hr live in that JAM alone can do 90 minutes of content each day, and it would be different stuff.

GloryHeaven – GloryHeaven is a collaborative label where Lantis distributes for certain Music Ray’n (a SME company) acts. I lump them here as all super reaches and hellishly likely. That said, it probably would not surprise me if Sphere took the leap over this side of the pond, even if historically that is very unlikely given their management. Probably, only because they’ve gotten big enough in Japan and the youngest of the group is no longer all that young. My top Sony/Avex/etc acts…probably deserve another post.

Similarly for Kiramune artists – They’re really just seiyuu with a very targeted audience. I’m not sure if USA is ready, com’on my fellow female wotas. Make some noise, I know you can.

Mellowhead… better leave them home. Not as a diss, but I don’t think America can appreciate you.

Let me make a few notes before continuing: single vocalist-type guests are all good candidates for the real Lantis Fest, because they travel light compared to the alternatives. I’m working off the list on Wikipedia, since Lantis Fest outs a majority of them anyway, but I’ll try to remove the ones that didn’t show.

AiRI – She’s great live, but other than Mangagamer guys who would know her stuff? Although that alone gives her an edge over a lot of the other acts. The down side is that she has not done that many anime stuff.

Aira Yuki - Also good live and pretty underrated in my opinion. Her anime tie-ins are not smash hits in the USA but people should know about them in a very vague sense.

Choucho – While her singing chops gets an A+ from me, it’s hard to say who would be hyped about her. Who doesn’t like some tanks or people-squids? I’m moderately hopeful. Edit: The ANN coverage at Lantis Fest actually raises this by quite a bit, from “moderate” to “very.”

Aki Hata – Does anyone actually follow her solo stuff?

Ayaka Ohashi – Mildly interested in that she is more likely candidate as an anime tie-in solo artist than as a Cinderella Girl, but I am not choosy at this point. At the same time, she’s way too new and probably too young for an oversea live.

Azusa Tadakoro – Per above, a little more awesome but also just as raw for a Vegas crowd. Japan would (rightfully so) baby these two babies in their early days.

Hiromi Sato - It would be a dream for me to see her perform, and it’s not likely. Who knows? When I wish against likelihood it’s a good sign that I genuinely like someone.

Aki Misato – Solid performer but not really primed for an American audience. Who knows though?

ALI Project – Why not? And it wouldn’t surprise me at all. I’d say it’s even likely.

Ceui – She’s kind of quiet lately, so low odds of her going to this thing. Not to mention the kind of tie-ins she’s done.

Ananbel – She’s possible but unlikely, just not enough Lantis-oriented output for this kind of a thing.

CooRie - America is not ready.

DEARDROPS/Dai Ni Bun’gei Bu/milktub/etc – Knock it off already LOL. Endokai, on the other hand…

OnoD – It’s possible. I can’t find a reason to say no to this actually. Just a matter if he’s willing and can spare the time.

Daisuke Hirakawa – See above.

eufonius – I would love to see them, but it’s hard to say if their music matches (probably not). The two-piece group wouldn’t even need much support.

Faylan - She’s done it once before, no reason why not again. I’d say she’s likely unless Lantis just want to treat this tour stop as a thing to spread out

fhana – Anison indie’s darling at least don’t need a drum set, but it’s a hard sell to a crowd that doesn’t already dig them I think.

GRANRODEO - Entirely possible but equipment may be an issue.

Hyadain – Entirely possible but I’m not sure if people appreciate his stuff overseas.

Kanae Itou – Probably not, even if highly desirable as seiyuu. Not sure how she’d fit in Lantis Fest Vegas with Otakon Vegas in the background.

Kenichi Suzumura – LOL. Bring your wife! That said, same as the other duder seiyuu idols.

Kenshou Ono – Why not, Slaine? See above.

Larval Stage Planning – Generally speaking for idol groups, LSP is legit enough, but probably not what America is looking for.

LAZY – Not for us, probably. That said this music might work slightly better.

marble – One of my tops. Same issues as eufonius but probably less toxic to bring over. Just a matter if they are willing or not.

Masumi Itou – Kind of like Aki Hata I guess.

Natsuko Aso – Bring a nice hat and I’ll dance to your tune? She’s made the trip to Baltimore last year but it’s hard to say if she’s in the cards this year, having done a lot less since then.

Megumi Ogata – Not sure what’s happening with your music career but why not.

Minami Kuribayashi - My opinion is that she’s a perfect fit. But it’s hard to say what will happen to this poor lady who has been abused by AX a couple times.

Minori Chihara – If she comes, it means at least Lantis is serious about this. Because we’ll be moshing with Japanese fans. Definitely not someone I would rule out.

Minoru Shiraishi – Not likely.

Miyuki Hashimoto – Actually, yeah, I’d like to see this, it’s the kind of thing that works as a Lantis Fest format. But I don’t think she has much traction overseas…

nano.RIPE – As much as I like them comparatively, they’re better fit as a con guest than a festival guest. But they do travel well so I wouldn’t rule them out.

OLDCODEX – They’re actually really good, so I hear. But not realistic because of music mix and baggage. That said as a cold act they’ll work well.

Ryoko Shintani – She’s actually pretty good at the whole seiyuu idol live thing, although it never got big. I have no idea what the odds of her landing at Vegas, but it has to be better than Itou Kanae, right?

Sayaka Sasaki – She’s going to Necokon later this year but a return to OV would be cool. In light of that she probably would make sense as a shoo-in.

Sho Hayami – Same as the other male seiyuu guys.

Showtaro Morikubo – Same.

STAR☆ANIS – Maybe. If Lantis Fest does an idol group, who would it be? I have a hard time pinpointing.

StylipS – On the other hand if there was a seiyuu group I want to see from Lantis, these would be it. I guess Mikku is still kind of young so it’s not likely.

Suara – Yes please. Probably not, but.

Shuhei Kita – Same tier. Bro tier. Why not tier. Whatever.

STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION - No idea on these guys.

TRUE – Very new, but not without potential and it’s entirely possible she gets to filler one of these shows.

Mayumi Iizuka – LOL like Lantis would bring washed out seiyuu idols as much as I like them, sob sob.

SCREEN Mode – New guys. Not so sure.

Yousei Teikoku – Missed them at AB because of Animazement back in 2013. Would be nice to see them! But not likely for same reason as Nano.ripe, except even more baggage.

yozuca* – Would be nice to see her perform finally, but nah, not happening.

ZAQ – I like her compositions and her rapping is outstanding. I would not rule her out, it’s more a question of if she is ready for something like this.

μ’s - Strike while the iron is hot? I think a lot of eventer bros are hoping for them, and I hope Lantis don’t disappoint. Certainly the stars are aligned. That said, I would be shocked if all 9 comes. Utterly shocked. Expect 3.

IM@S Million Live – Are you kidding me what did Nu and Sensei do 2 weekends ago yes a thousand times. Anyway. It’s not going to happen because Million Live is Japan only. I mean, I just don’t see it happening unless something drastic happens between now and January, there’s too much tied up with that IP in a way that Lantis can just throw a live show overseas without all the other ducks lined up in a row.

Lastly, special guests – In Japan, people like Yoko Ishida and KOTOKO showed up and they are clearly not Lantis artists by any obvious association. So who knows? Yoko Ishida would be a really neat special guest at the Vegas show, I would think, given her extensive work in the earlier anime bubble years in the US.

And that’s a wrap. Honestly I can’t be bothered to worry about this at this point, I still have AWA on my plate where if things go to plan, I will be supervising a bunch of stalkers. And then after that I get to live varcariously for IM@S 9th Tokyo. And however many more events, both domestic and abroad, between now and mid-Jan. God help us all.

Oh, I do and want corrections and things to this post, please post them as well as your theories about Lantis Fest Vegas (and other locations).

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