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What GATE Means to Me

First read this Clickhole article about Bernie Sanders. Yeah, it’s gonna get political, because that’s what my problem is with GATE. It might also get spoilery so consider yourself warned on both counts.

It would not be fair to boil down GATE as a simple power fantasy about Japan and its SDF arm doing what it’s good at doing. But unfortunately there’s not a whole lot to go on in GATE in the theme department. It is a very pure kind of wishful hypothetical.

Unfortunately that sort of thinking also is sort of what Japan’s Asian neighbors find abhorrent about Japan’s behavior during WWII. You can ask the people of Taiwan, for an example, on how they felt about being Japan’s model colony for roughly 40 years. Yeah, model colony. I believe the Japanese can do a way better job as a colonial power than many European countries of the day, too, so this I share with GATE’s SDF author. It might not even be too different than from what you’d get if you asked the hapless farmers and tribals the SDF rescued in the show. Of course, that’s missing the point.

What’s missing from GATE are all the important stuff that sort of spoils the fantasy, basically, just like how a statement is missing in that Clickhole article about propping up puppet dictators. Or colonialism is problematic and inhumane. Or you shouldn’t really write a story where the SDF basically installs a puppet government. FWIW there are some recent movies where the bad guy’s end game is to do this! I don’t think Japan’s public has gotten that memo on colonialism yet. To be fair back then they didn’t have the internet! We’ve long since moved on from it! Maybe Japan’s post-war generation failed to take note on international politics and explained how things work to the Lost Generation because they were too busy building their economy? “Yo guys, but we’ve gone from colonies to just plain dictators that we prop up that serve our international interests, and proxy wars like Syria.”


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Anime Boston 2016: Wrap

If I wrote this post with a list of microcontent…

“Anime Boston 2016: I Learned How to Hedge Value in Yet-to-Air Anime by Buying Chara Goods Before Seeing the Character” – Where I describe how I bought this $20 Cospa XXL shirt (which are the unicorns of Japanese anime chara merch) from Crunchyroll, featuring Nico…Niyama. Heh. And only then I watched Kiznaiver a day later (while wearing said shirt, BTW), and found out that she’s a Kuno Misaki character.

“Anime Boston 2016: How To Karaoke All Night Long” – Where I describe how Joysound on PS4 is a lot of fun, until it prevents people from sleeping, and yet it doesn’t.

“Anime Boston 2016: Bag Checking a 25000-sized Con Suck Major Butts” – Where I just gripe about Anime Boston’s ails from Hynes being all politically ass-wiping of itself at the expense of con-goers. Boston being its chilly and rainy self (nearly freezing temperatures at times) also did not help when bag check lines often extended outdoors.

“Anime Boston 2016: Eventers Edition” – In which I talk about meeting people from Overseas, and how KR fans flew to Boston to see Sasaki Jun, plus this dude from Tokyo, and running into some local (big tall white) guy who went to Symphogear and YuiKaori. Actually listening him describing YuiKaori was kind of LOLs, for a first-timer. Oh, there may be a big thing going on for AX this year if you like anison.

“Anime Boston 2016: The West Discovers nano.RIPE’s Sasaki Jun Has a Schtik, Will Run With” – In which I describe how nano.RIPE’s leader is a nerd and is hilarious. But it would just be an embedded tweet along with a description of how Julia is his girlfriend.

Okay, I think you get the idea.

Surf & Turf

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Anime Boston 2016: Day 3

For various reasons I actually was able to watch all the namas that I wanted to see that took place in Anime Japan 2016 Sunday. Well, not counting one of the nama that overlapped with another and I didn’t have enough bandwidth to stream both.

This means I was up basically from Saturday AM until with about an hour of sleep broken into a couple chunks when I was able to settle down. I’m looking at this from the bright side/silver lining of not sleeping much.

Gonna ramble nau.

Kiznaiver cosplay....

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Anime Boston 2016 Means Prepping for Anime Japan

I skipped last year because I didn’t feel like it. This year I think I’m going only because I wanted to see nano.RIPE. Why didn’t I want to see LiSA last year, or want enough of it to overcome various issues, I don’t know. She’s great in the flesh, don’t skip a chance to see her if you come across one.

Some interesting tidbits about AB2016 if you do go.

Tobisawa Misaki from Aokana

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Deresute: Week 33 – Next Steps

At this point, with the release of the last Tripri member’s SSR & the latest upgrades to social/opening up new game modes, I think we’re at a good place to recap the first 30 weeks of this game, and to look forward to the next phase of IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage. So let’s start here.


Just looking at the amount of money this game makes, it’s every bit justified to have a SMAP guy in your commercial. It’s gross, and it’s insane. I’m glad. I mean that’s about the same rank as Ahnold Schwarzenegger, right?

One point of curiosity is going to Reddit and skimming the reaction of that group of early adopters who would play Japanese F2P rhythm games with idols in them. How will they adjust to a post-voiced-idol reality in CG? There are no “trash idols” in CG, right? That speaks more to Love Live SIF than Deresute, but it’s a curious decision both companies have made creatively in the direction of where they’re going with all this.

The strong outpouring of support on DereSute has to mean well for the franchise. Does this mean we’ll get more CG anime? I think it’s not unlikely. It’s more a matter of timing and scheduling. All of 2015, in some ways, can be said as paving the way for this ultimate trojan horse that is DereSute–between all the IM@S 10th and DereAni promotions, at the least–and this is how they collect money based on all that good will. In the big picture, it’s not just a story of a big franchise putting on its walking shoes, so to speak, but it can even be seen as struggling development company hitting gold as the JP tech press may have reported, a different kind of Cinderella story in this unforgiving games marketplace.

The game itself probably have really pivoted when Tulips event happened. It’s full of post-newgene, small fries characters that barely got any DereAni treatment. It’s like the current event–like who are even the fans of these characters? Unless you are a dedicated CG P, which largely are hard to find even today…

Which brings back to my initial feeling about an English language port of this game. Will it happen? I don’t see why it shouldn’t, but it does make me think just how successful it might be. And if I, a cheerleader for the franchise for all practical purposes, question this, how does Bamco feel?

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