Seiyuu Nicknames, 2016 Spring Edition

Last year’s post here.

I-I put this post’s title with year and season n-not because I want to update it on a schedule, OK? B-baka.

Happy White Day, Trysail

If I was savvy I would write this as a change log style but keeping it indexed only is easy and neater. Regardless, CTRL-F or Command-F is your friend.

As always, there will be Producer bias because, well. Nonetheless I’ll try to make it helpful for myself, which invariably includes just about everybody. Reveal: I wrote it up last year as a futile attempt to jot down some nicknames, but it became a good incremental step to accomplish this year’s list, which is just a less incomplete transliteration of the imas-db CV page with some stuff added to the end. As with last year I omitted a lot of older seiyuu nicknames. That said, this is not even complete so whatever?

All changes are after the jump.

Core IM@S

  • Akky/Akki – The (recently) married and with-child, Hasegawa Akiko. Plays Miki.
  • Asapon – A high end nickname for her is like “Shimoneta” because Shimoda Asami is like that. the CV for Ami/Mami is also playful.
  • Azumin – Asakura Azami. Yukiho’s second CV. Best known otherwise in her High School DxD and ChuuniKoi roles.
  • Chiaking – Takahashi Chiaki, or Azusa’s CV. See also King. See also “JPY” or “Juicy Party Yeah”???
  • Eririn/Eriko – Nakamura Eriko plays Haruka.
  • Haramii – Hara Yumi. Lately Takane’s CV’s new nickname “Hanyanya” has gained steam, but it has yet to stick.
  • Hirorin – Hirata Hiromi plays Makoto. Also see Kaachan.
  • Jurikichi – Takita Juri, or Kotori’s CV. The second 765Pro mom.
  • Kaachan – Somehow Hirorin gained this nickname because she was pretty public about her early goings of being a new mom. TBD how this nickname will stick with multiple buns in the oven in the near future!
  • Kami – Wakabayashi Naomi, or Ritsuko. Mom #3.
  • King – It’s actually just the next stage of Chiaking.
  • Kugyuu/Kugimi/etc – Kugimiya Rie, you know her.
  • Mingosu – Imai Asami, CV for Chihaya. Just a side note but Mingosu is often a suffix (see: Asamigosu, Eromingosu, EriMingosu)
  • Nunu/Nu – Numakura Manami, CV for Hibiki. Nuuuuuuuu.
  • Sensei – Often refers to Nakamura in this context but in general this is a flexible nickname in all cases.
  • Yurishii – Hase Yurina. The original Yukiho CV. Also goes by Ochiai Yurika. Retired from IM@S back in 2010 or so.

So many idols...

CG/ML/New wave – If time permits I also want to revisit my intro of CG and ML seiyuu making their way up, last year, but it feels that while the prediction is still true to an extent, it was more a horizontal/class-year slice than a cross section of the newcomers that will get a shot each generation at the anime industry. For every Taneda or Fuchigami there’ll be a handful of Kiritani and Matsuzaki. Also, it’s kind of amusing that I am trying to say this with just a year’s gap, which is just to say what is playing out today already has started last year.

What’s new in 2016: A lot more CGs added, both because Dereani added like 20 new voices AND we got more voices au naturel. Also I now know more of them. All the ML with nicknames are added now I believe, and in any rate nicknames evolve naturally so some now have them?

What’s also new this year: articles on CG/ML seiyuu. [10th-1] [10th-2] [10th-3] [ML2nd-1] [ML2nd-2] [ML3rd@Nagoya] [ML3rd@Sendai] [ML3rd@Osaka]

  • Aimin – AIMI or Terakawa Aimi. Solo musician career is promising but overall really cool. One of the Bushiroad go-tos. She plays Julia in ML.
  • Ajuju – CG’s Ajuju, or Waki Azumi, plays Katagiri Sanae. Galko-chan is a riot, that said.
  • Akanechan – Fujita Akane plays Mizumoto Yukari in CG. A clear and nice voice.
  • Asakasan – Imai Asaka shares a family name with someone else. She’s CG’s Sasaki Chie.
  • Ashu – Kakumoto Asuka, Elena from Million Live.
  • Atsuhime – Nakamura Natsuki, who plays Roco in ML.
  • Ayachi – Taketatsu Ayana. CV for Sachiko from CG. Established artist and part of Petit Milady with Aochan/Y.Aoi/etc.
  • Ayappe/Pe – Suzaki Aya – CV for Minami from CG.
  • Baum - Otsubo Yuka. Kanako’s CV in CG. Named after her favorite dessert, the baumkuchen. Best known as part one of four Yuru Yuri. Also see Yukachin.
  • Bei/Bayblade/Beisen – Bayblade Senpai is a sad story but also a nickname that stuck to Komagata Yuri, Sayoko from ML.
  • MatsuEri – Matsui Eriko. Nao… I guess some calls her Cutter or whatever that is called in Japanese.
  • Chanyuri – Noguchi Yuri…moos with Oikawa Shizuku in CG.
  • Chiakichan – Ogasawara Saki’s nick name sounds more like Chakichan. Plays Akane in ML.
  • Chiichan – Akasaki Chinatsu, Hino Akane from CG. Also known as Gag Machine Akasaki?
  • Chiyochi – Shiina Noriko’s voice, but the one from CG, is Tomaru Chiyo.
  • Chokotan – Osaki Chiyo, CV for Koume from CG. I know her best from Da Capo 3 actually…
  • Choucho – Kiritani Choucho. Plays Miya in ML. Not the anison artist.
  • Cutter -Matsui Eriko. CV for Nao from CG. See also MatsuEri or Matsui Eriko.
  • Daasan – Tsuda Minami. Miho’s CV from CG. Also Yuru Yuri. Most people just call her Tsuda I think?
  • Denchan – Tamura Nao. She plays the adorable Hinata from ML. Best known as Minori from Loghora.
  • Dogenzaka Noboru – Not a nickname per se, but it’s the alias of Fuurin (Fukuhara Ayaka) when she writes into certain IM@S radio shows. The name is a Shiburin reference.
  • Eripyon – Suzuki Eri, who plays Yuko in CG.
  • Fuurin – Fukuhara Ayaka. Shiburin’s CV, CG.
  • Harabou – Hara Yuuko, the voice of Mukai Takumi from CG.
  • Hasshi – Ohashi Ayaka. CV for Uzuki from CG. My favorite role for her is Sabagebu. Also see Hego.
  • Hayamin – Hayami Saori. You know her. CV for Kaede from CG.
  • Hego – Somewhat derogatory nickname for Ohashi Ayaka, but it’s usually used in good humor.
  • Ibukichan/Ibuibu/Ibuking/Ibuchan – Ibuki Kido. Kana from ML. Best known, IMO, as OniAi’s center girl Akiko.
  • Iidashi – Iida Yuko plays Kanade from CG, and brought down the house in CG 3rd.
  • Jurii – Kimura Juri, best known as Shirobako’s Miyamori Aoi, but also Aiba Yumi of CG.
  • Kakku – Nomura Kanako plays Chizuru in ML.
  • Keiko Oneesama – I don’t really use this one but Watanabe Keiko plays Momoko in ML.
  • Kidochan/Kidochang – Also see Ibuki Kido.
  • Kochima – Listed here only for completeness. I never refer to Machico this way because it’s not necessary.
  • Komachan – Komagata Yuri is the half-Filipina seiyuu playing Sayoko from ML. Also see Bayblade
  • Koroazu/Korochan – Tadakoro Azusa. CV for Shizuka from ML. On Miliraji, also known as Pity and sometimes called AZAZ.
  • Kotomin – Aihara Kotomi, or the voice behind the smell er Ichinose Shiki from CG.
  • Kotorin – Koiwai Kotori, or Tomoka from ML. Best known otherwise as “Nyanpasu” Renge from Non Non Biyori. Also Kokochan in ML, because of her danketsu function.
  • Kunochan – Kuno Misaki’s moe voice Nina is adorbs in CG.
  • Maou – Aoki Shiki is the other Aoki who games, and this nickname is earned, even? Shikikun, as seiyuu types call her, plays Asuka from CG.
  • Maimai – Fuchigami Mai. Karen from CG. Dayo.
  • Makinon – Makino Yui. You know her. CV for Mayu from CG.
  • Maochi – M.A.O. In CG she plays Fumika. It is not a kaomoji.
  • Maple – Toda Megumi plays Ayumu in ML and I don’t even.
  • Marietti – Miyake Marie, Nana from CG. Sometimes I can’t believe she’s that young.
  • Mayayan/Marei – Uchida Maaya. Ranko from CG. Also has a nice set of lesser roles now, during her award-winning rookie years. Solo career in progress.
  • Meshiya – Hara Sayuri. Mio from CG. Part of disbanded seiyuu idol group LISP.
  • Miina – For Sato Amina, the ex-AKB who plays Arisu in CG. Could also be used as a short for Takamiina, see: Takahashi Minami.
  • Mikku – Itou Miku, CV for Yuriko from ML. StylipS and in a few shows each season. Good Girl thorough and thorough.
  • Mitsuyasu – Nagashima Mina plays in CG’s Haruna
  • Mocho – Asakura Momo. CV for Serika from ML. TrySail member. A select few calls her Mochi.
  • Mokko – Morino Mako is the baseball nerd seiyuu for baseball idol Yukki of CG.
  • Moyochi – Kurosawa Tomoyo. CV for Miria froM CG.
  • Naachan – Haruno Nanami…who plays the always attention-grabbing Suzuho from CG.
  • Nanamin – Yamashita Nanami. Yui Otsuki from CG. Also WUG.
  • Nansu – Natsukawa Shiina. CV for Anna from ML. TrySail member.
  • Naobou – Toyama Nao. Mizuki in CG, among many other things.
  • Nontan/Nojo – Yamamoto Nozomi. Rika from CG. Loves gorilla and USA.
  • Natsunee – Takamori Natsumi. Miku from CG. Best known for her role from Sakurasou IMO, as the free-spirited Misaki.
  • Parunyasu – Terui Haruka, who plays Momoka in CG. Best known as Yuki from Yuyuyu.
  • Pirami – Hirayama Emi. Plays Reika in ML.
  • Piyotan – Nitta Hiyori plays Karin, the miko idol from CG.
  • Popochan/Popotan – Harashima Akari. Plays Iku in ML. Also Akachan.
  • Pyonkichi – Yamazaki Haruka. Mirai from ML. Also has a stint as an idol from Hayate no Gotoku. Nowadays we just call her Pyon.
  • Rari/Rally – Inagawa Eri. Plays Tamaki in ML, now the main girl for Show By Rock.
  • Reichama – Matsuzaki Rei. Kirari from CG. Mostly known for being the most resourceful seiyuu and a Yakult Swallows diehard.
  • Riccasama – Tachibana Rica. Or Rika. Sae from CG. Seiyuu/talent.
  • Rikanee – Yamaguchi Rikako. Plays Rio in ML.
  • Rieshon – Murakawa Rie. CV for Arisa from ML. Etotama is her show. PonyCan locked on! Also just “shon” sometimes.
  • Rurukyan/Ruru – Yoshimura Haruka. Mika from CG. Ema from Shirobako. QT3.14, as they say.
  • Ruuchan – Ru Ting, the Chinese-born seiyuu who plays Shoko from CG.
  • Ruuri – Aoki Ruriko. Riina from CG. Tall girl with long limbs. “Blue Tree” alias used once before.
  • Sayurin – Also see Hara Sayuri. And LISP. Usually used only by Meshiya fans.
  • Satorina – Satou Rina. CV for Chihiro, CG. Best known as the voice of Railgun.
  • Shinoshii – Shimoji Shino, CV for Yuka of CG, also is in Aikatsu!
  • Sorasora/Sorachan – Oozora Naomi. CV for Chieri from CG. Note this can get confusing. The kuroi tenshi of CG.
  • Sorachan – Also see Tenchan. Only fans call her Tenchan really.
  • Stefuji/Stef – Fujii Yukiyo. Tetora from LOG HORIZON. Megumi from ML.
  • Sumipe – Uesaka Sumire, CV for Anya from CG. Solid new wave seiyuu overall, and there’s that Russia thing.
  • Suwachan – Suwa Ayaka. Plays Matsuri in ML (who I produce)
  • Suzie/Suzy – Suegawa Rie. Fuuka from ML.
  • Takamina/Miina – Takahashi Minami. Not the AKB48 one but the one in Shoukugeki no Soma. Plays Konomi in ML.
  • Tanechan – Taneda Risa. Kotoha from ML. Since her lead role from Shinsekai Yori she’s tearing it up in the seiyuu world IMO.
  • Tenchan – Amamiya Sora. Shiho from ML. Member of TrySail.
  • Todakun – Toda Megumi. She is Ayumu from ML. Also see Maple.
  • Ueshama – Ueda Reina. She’s a seiyuu award newcomer winner and quite the personality. Also Uebaba/Ueba and Reichan.
  • Yasukichi – Yasuno Kiyono, who plays Natsuki in CG. Very kiyoi. Also Kiyo-chan.
  • Yukachin – Also see Baum (Otsubo).
  • Yuiton/Yton – Watanabe Yui. CV for Nao from ML.
  • Yukachi/Yukke – Saito Yuka doesn’t quite have a nick nailed down yet, but she’s now Trunk’s wife? Plays Subaru in ML.
  • Yukinko/Yukinco – Igarashi Hiromi. CV for Anzu from CG. Really prolific and not really new? LOL.
  • Yukiyosama – See Stefuji. This name use has largely taken over for fans.
  • Yunkon – Kondo Yui. She plays Karen in ML. Most notable to me as the lead girl in Noucome, Yukihira.
  • Yuucha – Kahara Yuu. She plays Emily in ML.
  • Zekky/Zekki – Oozeki Eri. CV for Minako from ML.

sup wugchangs

Other new-ish seiyuu and idols. All these A-names from Sunshine… Plus more!

  • Aiai – Furihata Ai is LL Sunshine’s Ruby
  • Aikyan – Kobayashi Aika plays Yoshiko in LL Sunshine
  • Ainya – Suzuki Aina plays LL Sunshine’s Mari
  • Airin – Eino Airi. WUG. Tho more commonly just Aichan.
  • Arichan – Ozawa Ari also goes by Aririn. Lately, she’s in Airi in Bahamut, Active Raid as Asami, Mizuki from Classroom Crisis, Wakaba in Wakaba Girl, etc.
  • Arisha – Komiya Arisa plays Dia in LL Sunshine
  • Anchan – Anju Inami is LL Sunshine’s Chika
  • Ayaneru – Sakura Ayane, in a billion things now… like every card I have in Chaincro is her voice?
  • Chanyui – Ogura Yui. Among other things, graduated from StylipS with YuiKaori teammate Ishihara.
  • Emitsun – Nitta Emi. Love Live’s Honoka.
  • Gyakku – Nagaku Yuki is Ichigo from A Seiyuu’s Life.
  • Himitasu (or just Himi) - Akaneya Himika. iRis.
  • Kayanon – Kayano Ai. Prolific soft-voice seiyuu.
  • Kayatan – Okuno Kaya. WUG.
  • Keichan – Tomoe Kei. Part of Aå¿œP (A ou P). Also goes by Himesama and Tomoe (å·´). The new Komugi.
  • King – Outed as a YayoiP, Takatsuki Kanako plays Hanamaru in LL Sunshine. Not sure if King is derived from Kakka.
  • Kussun – Kusuda Aina. Love Live’s Nozomi.
  • Kyary/Carrie – Ishihara Kaori. Among other things, graduated from StylipS with YuiKaori teammate Ogura.
  • Mahochu – Matsunaga Maho. StylipS.
  • Marinka – Kouno Marika. Probably best known as Sore ga Seiyuu’s Rin or Miu from Tokyo 7th Sister
  • MayuC/Mayushi – Not Shimoda Mayu, but Yoshioka Mayu.
  • Mimorin – Mimori Suzuko. Love Live’s Umi.
  • Minyami – Tanaka Minami. WUG.
  • Moeshi – Toyota Moe. StylipS 2nd gen along with Mikku.
  • Miyutan – Kubota Miyu. iRis. Yeah…
  • Myu – Takagi Miyu. My WUG Oshi. Yep. Hackadoll #1.
  • Nanjolno/Jolno – Nanjou Yoshino. Love Live’s Eli. Not Manning.
  • Nocchi – Noto Arisa. SylipS.
  • Rieri – Takahashi Rie, most notable as Futafuta in A Seiyuu’s Life. Also goes by Shirie, Riichan, and Shirori.
  • Rikyako – Rikako Aida plays Riko in Sunshine
  • Rippi – Iida Riho. Love Live’s Rin.
  • Sacchan – Misawa Sachika. Also さっちー等 but uuuh who uses that! Sacchan is in a lot of stuff, like Kuroyukihime or Yukari from Locodol.
  • Sakisama – Yamakita Saki, the leader of iRis.
  • Shikako/Shikaco – Kubo Yurika. She’s got a bit of a chip to go with this one. Love Live’s Hanayo.
  • Shukashuu – Saito Shuka is Yu from LL Sunshine
  • Soramaru – Tokui Sora. Love Live’s Nico.
  • Suwawa – Suwa Nanaka plays Kanan in LL Sunshine
  • Ucchi – Uchida Aya. Love Live’s Kotori.
  • Yoppi – Aoyama Yoshino. WUG.
  • Yuuchan – Serizawa Yu, i☆Ris. iRis. Whatever.
  • Yuuki – Wakai Yuki. iRis.
  • Yuumin – Uchiyama Yumi.
  • Zucchan – Shibuya Azuki. iRis.
  • Zucchi – Ishigami Shizuka. Haruka in Active Raid, Kinoa in BBKBRNK, Food War’s Ikumi.

More jokes

  • #e – trick way to say Hasshi.
  • 10ch – trick way to say Tenchan.
  • (o・∇・o)

If you have anything to add please put it in the comments.


PS. Other things of interests:

IM@S seiyuu agency image.

Someone should add T7S somewhere. I didn’t get around to it.

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