Op-Ed: Wow, You Guys Really Will Read Anything We Write

Re: AnimeMaru.

I think it’s just fair to make this point.

yep, nautical anime with trysail gori...

I want to also make another point: People do watch all kinds of trash, because the large number of people with access to free anime or nearly-free anime (legal or not), and the amount of free time these people have for a hobby made up of fans that are under 30yo as its largest demo. I think that’s pretty much a well known and understood aspect of this fandom.

The same can be said of people who are still blogging anime this day and age.

PS. AnimeMaru is a parody site. Fake news for lels and satire, etc. Omonomono is real news for lels and satire, in case you want to know the difference.

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